Our Mission: open solutions

Mizar is a consulting partnership serving the global Oracle user community.

Our Principal Roles
  • To empower our customers with the knowledge and confidence to make informaiton management investments that will result in positive, measurable returns;

  • To help our customers align their information management strategies with their enterprise mission and objectives;

  • To involve all stakeholders - management, staff, providers and customers - in the process of change;

  • To enable our customer's independence through a commitment to the principals of open source and mentoring; and

  • To serve our customers and society in an ethical and open manner.

  • True Enterprise Spatial Data

    Your spatial data is too important not to integrate into your enterprise Oracle databases. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are mission critical tools for landuse professionals but they just don't meet the requirements of an enterprise deployment for security, scalability, redundancy, or integration.

    With more than 30 years of spatial database experience Mizar is the source to help your enterprise reap the full value of its spatial data investments.

    centralized, transparent, unified

    Mizar can guide you to a true enterprise spatial data management solution; transparently unifying your enterprise Oracle data model with any number of spatial data sources, including: GIS, addressed data, and commercial and public data sets.