Case Studies

Mizar develops information management solutions based on Oracle's family of Middle Tier and Database products. We have a special focus on Spatial and Content Management technologies.

Cuyahoga County Engineering Department

With a population of just 1.4 million, Cuyahoga County is made up of sixty independent cities, villages, and townships in addition to more than twenty autonomous agencies. Almost every possible geographic information system is used by one or more of these eighty-plus entities leaving the County with a significant management challenge. Mizar was the technical lead to develop extensions to the Counties Oracle database infrastructure providing a comprehensive solution. Five applications were developed using a common source code base for a Public web site, a Planning Department system, an Auditor's Department Kiosk, a Sanitary Sewer Work Order Management system, and a Street Address Editing system. Mizar implemented these systems using Oracle Spatial, JavaServer Faces (JSF), and Java Persistence Architecture (JPA).

Ohio Secretary of State

Mizar created a middle-tier redistricting application based on U.S. Census Bureau and Ohio Secretary of State data sources. The system leveraged an Oracle Spatial Database and was deployed to an Oracle WebLogic Server grid. The system allows authenticated users to create proposals to modify voting districts and electoral boundaries for Congressional and State Upper and Lower House Districts. The proposals may then be accepted or rejected by the Ohio Secretary of State and finally committed by the originator. The system provides a secure consolidated system ensuring transparency and control permitting the Ohio Secretary of State to effectively oversee and manage proposals created by the eighty-eight Ohio County Boards of Elections.

West Virginia Statewide Addressing and Mapping Board

Prior to the development of SAMS much of the State of West Virginia lacked a modern addressing system based on street names and house numbers. This severely compromised the effectiveness of the State's E911 response system. Mizar designed and implemented a middle-tier system (SAMS) using Oracle Spatial and JavaServer Faces (JSF) to provide a complex street, site, and address editing system to enable the fifty-five West Virginia Counties to manage their street and addressing data. Full capabilities are provided in the middle-tier application but individual counties may also chose an Export-Transform-Load (ETL) approach to extract core information, update using their own GIS system of choice, and load back into the central system. SAMS provides a secured authentication system, full archiving of all changes, row level roll-back capabilities, site photo logging, and production statistics.