Trading Bots and Copy Trading

Automate your orders with Mizar bots, and copy-trade successful traders with a few clicks, on your favourite crypto exchange.

Automate your trades and diversify your investments by copy-trading.

Non Custodial

Connect to your favourite exchange with API keys. Retain full control over your cryptos while upholding custody of your funds.

Bots & Automation

Automate your trades with fast execution speed around the clock, 24/7. Create low-risk trading strategies with DCA bots.

Copy Trading

Search for your favourite bot and copy-trade the best traders with a few clicks. Reward them by sharing part of your profits.

Subscription Free

Access all tools, and pay fees in accordance with your trading volume. Reduce them up to 95% by staking $MZR.

Connect with SDK

Leverage the Mizar SDK to establish a connection with TradingView Webhook or integrate with external software like Runbot.

User-friendly Dashboard

Effortlessly handle your funds and bots through a user-friendly platform. Consolidate all your CEXs within a single dashboard.

Social Trading & Copy Trading

Invest in the best bots and share yours to earn a percentage of the profits they generate.

How to Copy Trade on Mizar

Sign up on Mizar, and connect to an exchange with API keys


Visit the Marketplace and discover your preferred trader and bots.


Allocate some funds for investment and start trading.


Monitor and manage your orders through our dashboard.

DCA Trading Bots

Create your DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) Bots and automate your orders

Entry points

Use signals to automatically trigger new positions. Use Mizar Techincal Indicators, connect to TradingView Webhooks, send signals via Telegram, or leverage the Mizar Python SDK for more advanced integration.

Dollar Cost Average

Build low-risk automated trading strategies and split your investment into multiple parts to improve your average entry point.


Automatically take profit, stop loss, trail, and effectively manage your orders according to pre-defined settings.


Supported on 10 CEX, SPOT and FUTURES

Trading Terminal

Trading Terminal

Pre-set your trades and automatically manage your orders using Smart Trading Tools & Mizar Trading Terminal

TradingView Charting and Indicators

Create or import your own indicators and define your entry and exit points directly on the integrated TradingView chart.

Trading Settings

Pre-set multiple entries, conditional entries, multiple take profit or stop loss levels, trailing, and allow Mizar to manage your orders on your behalf.

Advance Monitoring

Keep track of all your positions, and manually manage them by adding additional funds, closing positions, and other actions.


Supported on 10 CEX, SPOT and FUTURES

Subscription Free
Unlimited Trading Features

Use all our tools and get charged based on traded volume. Reduce your fees of 95% by staking $MZR.

10 Supported Exchanges

Connect to your favourite exchange with API keys and start to trade


Whitelisted IPs

API keys encryption

Live Support

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Trade With Mizar Bots

Get started with a $10,000 free volumes and begin copy-trading with $5 free credits.

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