DeFi Bots Made Easy

Research the security of promising investment opportunities and use Mizar Sniper Bot to be the first to buy.

Be the first to buy a new alt coin, and secure your capital against rug-pulls with automation.


Safeguard your funds by using multipe wallets and access your assets with private keys.

Snipe at Block-0

Create your sniper bots to automatically buy at block-0 immediately after launch.

Anti-Rug Protection

Mitigate rug-pulls attempts by automatic selling your tokens before they occur.


Take Profit and Stop Loss Automatically. Use trailing functions or DCA on DEX.

Anti-Scam Protection

Research, verify token security, and detect honeypots and scams before buying.

User-friendly Dashboard

Manage all your funds and bots from a user-friendly platform.

Sniper Bot

Make fast gains with the Mizar Ethereum Sniper Bot, swiftly purchasing tokens upon their launch.

User-friendly Sniper Bots

Create your Sniper Bot with a click, eliminating the need of hosting your own Ethereum node and RPC, or coding.

Anti-scam and Anti-rug

Safeguard yourself from honeypots or scams, and frontrun devs before they rug-pull you, with Mizar real-time mempool anti-rug system.

Add Automation to your DEX trading

Trade with limit orders and conditional orders on DEX. Automatically take profit, stop loss, or trail, based on settings.

Smart Gas and Slippage

Automatically adjust your gas price to gain priority over other traders. Frontrun rug-pulls with Mizar Smart Gas.

Mizar Sniper Bot Mobile
Mizar Sniper Bot Mobile

Token Sniffer

Open, free, and user-driven ERC-20 smart contract checker.

Token Security and Scam Detector

Verify the security of each token, identify honeypots, delve into trading taxes, and explore additional features with the Mizar Token Sniffer.

Liquidity Pools Analyser

Gain a overview of all liquidity pools linked to a token, access information on exchange fees, market capitalization, and other relevant details.

Public and Free

Obtain free access to our advanced mempool simulation and smart contract test environment analytics.

Subscription Free Sniper Bot

Get charged based on traded volume and reduce your fees of 50% by staking $MZR

How to Get Started

Sign up on Mizar, create a wallet, and deposit some ETH


Research a contract with the Token Sniffer and analyse the token

Create a Bot

Set-up your Sniper Bot and define all the required settings


Monitor and manage your snipes through our dashboard.

Telegram Img
Snipe and Trade from Telegram

Pushing the DeFi Trading Frontiers

Our trading architecture is designed to elevate DEX trading to new heights. Using in-house developed nodes and RPC infrastructure, combined with our ERC-20 smart contract simulation environment and mempool analyzer, we offer traders advanced yet user-friendly sniping bots for seamless participation in IDOs and token launches and automatic DEX trading.

The D-Mizar Roadmap
Beta Sniper Bot
Token Sniffer
Sniper Bot v1.0
Sniper Bot v2.0
DEX Trading Tools
Block-0 Sniper Bot
Real-time anti-rug system
Auto Trading
Copy Trading Functionalities
Telegram and API Integration
Multi-chain and multi DEX
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Ready for the 50x?

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