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The Future of Crypto Trading

Add automation to your CeFi and DeFi trading, and join the most popular social trading platform in the crypto industry

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Calling All Traders

Take full control of your orders and effortlessly manage all your cryptocurrencies from anywhere with Mizar

mizar cefi and defi
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Take control of your cryptocurrencies while maintaining custody of your funds

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Bots & Automation

Automate your trades with fast execution speed around the clock, 24/7

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No Monthly Fees

Access all tools, pay fees based on traded volume, and reduce them up to 95%

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Copy Trading

Copy profitable strategies on both CEX and DEX, while sharing profits

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Be Social & Earn

Share your bots with the MZR community to earn a passive income

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Aggregate all your CEXs and DEXs in one single platform


Copy Trading Platform

Invest in strategies developed by the MZR community, the industry's most extensive social trading network

Start Trading

How to start Copy Trading on Mizar

Step 1

Connect Exchange

Connect Exchange Step 1

Step 2

Browse Marketplace

Browse Marketplace Step 2

Step 3

Start Copy Trading

Start Copy Trading Step 3
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Join the the MZR Trading Community

Develop successful trading strategies, share them on the marketplace, get copied by other users, and earn passive income


DCA Trading Bot

Create your DCA bot and automatically buy and sell cryptos based on pre-defined settings

Automatically open positions with signals

Divide your investment into multiple parts

Pre-set Take Profit, Stop Loss, and more

Trading Terminal

Set your trades in advance by using smart trading tools

Pre-set your orders with TradingView Indicators

Set Multi Entries, Take Profit, and Stop Loss

Use Advanced settings such as Trailing Take Profit

Crypto Paper Trading

Learn how to trade without risk by testing your strategies on Mizar Paper Trading, the most accurate and reliable paper trading system available

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Powering the Best Trading Community

The $MZR token allows Mizar community to access trading tools at a low cost and participate in the social trading aspect of the platform

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