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Crypto Trading Bots Made Easy

Mizar is a Crypto trading platform that manages, optimizes and automates trades successfully, without you having to spend endless hours staring at charts.

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Copy Trading Platform

Copy pro traders. Sit back, relax and watch your portfolio grow. Not an expert? Securely invest in curated strategies of Strategy providers, leading traders and trading firms, without funds ever leaving your account

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How to start Copy-trading on Mizar

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Connect Exchange

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Browse Marketplace

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Start Copy Trading

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Become a Strategy Provider for Mizar!

You love to trade and want to turn this passion into a business? Build winning strategies, get copied by users and earn a passive income.


Tired of monthly subscription plans?

Get access to the only trading platform with ZERO fixed fees.

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DCA Trading Bot

Create your DCA bot and automatically buy and sell cryptos based on pre-defined settings

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Trading Terminal

Set your trades in advance by using smart trading tools

Crypto smart trading creation dashboardLearn more about Smart Trading

Crypto Paper Trading

Learn how to buy and sell or create profitable strategies risk free with Paper Trading.

Simulate trades to practice and test your techniques and strategies without committing real money. Educate yourself in a relaxed environment. Build confidence. Without risks.


Safely Trade with Mizar

Sit back and let Mizar do the hard work for you.


Non-custodial platform

Mizar does not hold your funds. Your funds are securely stored in your own exchanges and no one except yourself can access or withdraw them.


Performing trading engine

Mizar developed a reliable, low-latency state-of-the-art trading engine to open and close positions with the best accuracy and speed.


Safe & Secure

Your security always comes first. Mizar protocol and infrastructure respect the best in class security and data protection standards.

Manage all your crypto exchange accounts through APIs and trade from one place.


Our trading tools are supported on 10 major cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Zero subscription fee crypto trading!

Sign up now to start using Mizar for free.


Get $5 for free.


Trade $10,000 of volume for free, each month.


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