$MZR, the Mizar utility token, is launching soon. Check the token metrics here

The Smarter Way
to Trade Crypto

Develop your trading bots with a few clicks.

Copy the best traders and perform as they do.

Zero upfront costs and subscription free.

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Lower the risk of your investments

Develop Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) Bots without coding.


Trade regardless of market conditions

Automate your trades and develop Long and Short bots suitable for every market condition.


Exploit volatility to earn more

Divide your investment into smaller pieces and get a better average entry price.


Boost your crypto trading strategies

Trade on speed and scale that only a machine can achieve.


Copy the best traders and start earning while learning

Not an expert? Instantly invest in pre-built strategies from leading traders.


Take the guesswork out of crypto investing

Give a structure to your trading and take emotions out of the equation. Follow experts and trade as they do.


Run strategies with one click

Connect to your exchange with API. Compare different strategies. Invest in your favourite one.


Create winning strategies and share them on the marketplace

Share your strategies on the marketplace. Get copied by other investors. Earn a passive income.

Forget about subscription fees

With Mizar, no upfront payment or subscription fees are required.


Crypto trading for everyone

No up-front payments or minimum entry ticket required.


Pay if you trade or profit

Pay fees based on your traded volumes and realized profits while copy-trading.


Trade and stake to pay less

Reduce your fees by trading more or staking $MZR in your wallet.