Crypto Trading Bot and Copy Trading

Enhance your CeFi and DeFi trading with automation and join the leading trading platform in the crypto industry.

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CeFi Bots

Automatically manage your SPOT & FUTURES orders with Mizar DCA Bot and copy trade the best traders in the crypto space.


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Binance and other 10 exchanges

Trading Terminal Mobile
D-Mizar Mobile

DeFi Bots

Snipe any new token launch or IDO without any need of running your own Ethereum nodes.


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Uniswap v2.0 and v3.0

Our Trading Bots


Automatically buy and sell your tokens at preset price deviations.

Copy Trading Bot

Find successful traders and automatically copy their trades.

Smart Trading Terminal

Pre-set your trades on the integrated TradingView Chart and Indicators.


Manage all your trades with Mizar SDK. For real devs.

Sniper Bot

Be the first to buy any new token launch on Uniswap.

Paper Trading Bot

Simulate your trades and learn how to be a trader without risks.

Subscription Free
Trading Tools

User-driven, easy-to-use crypto trading tools without any subscription or monthly fees.

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Powered by Arbitrum

Powering the Best Trading Community

The $MZR token allows the Mizar community to access trading tools at lowest cost. Stake your $MZR and reduce your trading fees up to 95%.

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