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How to start trading on MEXC?

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Sign Up on Mizar

Sign Up on Mizar Step 1

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Connect to MEXC

Connect to MEXC Step 2

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Develop MEXC bots

Create a Bot and trade on MEXC Step 3

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What is MEXC?

MEXC exchange distinguishes itself as a premier cryptocurrency trading platform that offers registration without the need for KYC or verification.

With a remarkable assortment of tokens, MEXC crypto exchange hosts over 1,100 cryptocurrencies in its Spot and Futures trading offerings. Furthermore, MEXC presents a diverse array of crypto-focused services, including crypto staking, copy trading, crypto ETFs, and other offerings.

What is the best MEXC trading bot?

Create your DCA bot on MEXC

Create a MEXC API bot to automatically divide your investment in smaller pieces

Trade SPOT markets on MEXC

Buy and Sell cryptos on MEXC SPOT from Mizar

MEXC copy trading
Copy Trade on MEXC

Copy trade expert traders on your MEXC account with a few clicks

Connect TradingView to Mizar and trade on MEXC
MEXC TradingView

Connect your TradingView account to Mizar and automate your trades on MEXC.

Here’s how you can add MEXC API keys on Mizar

MEXC copy trading

On Mizar, you can let pros manage your portfolio and copy trade on MEXC.

Mizar´s official traders offer a wide range of trading bots on MEXC. Select your favourite and invest in few clicks.

MEXC copy trade
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