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Uniswap v2.0 and v3.0

Best on-chain signals for your bots.
12 Wins
1 Loss
0 Rugs
30D Best
9 Wins
2 Loss
0 Rugs
30D Best
30D Best

DeFi Tools

Snipe, trade & bot trade on Uniswap.

Trade not launched tokens and be the block-0 dominator.
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Set market/limit orders to auto-buy and auto-sell launched tokens.
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Create bots and automate your trading.
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Mizar Telegram Bot

Telegram Bot

Trade and monitor all your snipes from Telegram.

Safety Tools

Protect from scams and malicious actors.

Anti Scam
Protect your trades from high taxes, low liquidity, honeypots and more.
Mizar Token Sniffer
Anti Rug
Protect from rug-pulls with Mizar Anti-rug and sell before the rug is executed.
Mizar Anti-Rug
Anti MEV
Buy with Mizar private transaction and stop being front-run or sandwiched.
Mizar anti-mev

Mizar Research

Find your next-gem with Mizar Research.

Telegram Calls & Channels

Detect investment opportunities and analyse more than 600 Telegram channels and groups.

New Pools

Identify recently added pools and presents essential trading and security data in a user-friendly manner.

How to Get Started
Create Wallet

Create a wallet and deposit some ETH.


Search a token and do your own due diligence with Mizar Research.

Create a Snipe

Set-up your snipe and define all the required settings


Monitor and manage your orders through our dashboard.

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Ready for the 50x?

Get access to professional DeFi trading tools and start sniping today.

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