Empowering the Mizar ecosystem

The $MZR token allows users to access trading tools at a low cost and participate in the social trading aspect of the platform

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$MZR Benefits


Enjoy discounts up to 95% on trading and buy Mizar credits with $MZR. Refer friends to get up to 45% commissions.

Learn & Earn

Access to the Mizar Academy and find many educational resources. Perform actions and share your experience to get rewarded.


Compete with other traders to get various prizes and rewards paid out in different forms.

VIP Features

Access advanced features or receive free features, such as paper trading.

Get copied and earn

Get the chance to share your bots and strategies with other users.

Token Allocation

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TEAM 10.0%

Unlock: 0%

1Y cliff, 3Y vesting


Unlock: 0%

1Y cliff, 2Y vesting


Unlock: 10%

2M cliff, 1Y vesting


Unlock: 20%

2M cliff, 1Y vesting


Unlock: 0%

2M cliff, 1Y vesting


Unlock: 0%

2M cliff, 2Y vesting


Unlock: 0%

2Y vesting (Geyser)

SEED 18.3%

Price: $0.00085

Unlock: 10%

2M cliff, 1.5Y vesting


Price: $0.00100

Unlock: 15%

2M cliff, 1Y vesting


Price: $0.00200

Unlock: 25%

3M vesting

Key Token Metrics

10,000,000,000 MZR

Total $MZR Amount

1,040,714 USD (5%)

Initial Market Cap

20,000,000 USD


2,700,000 USD

Seed and Private Raised

480,000 USD

Public To Be Raised

3,180,000 USD

Total Raised

$MZR Investors

Mizar is backed by notable investors who are supporting us to build the future of crypto trading

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The $MZR Story

Mizar is a team of enthusiastic engineers and traders creating a reliable platform for managing crypto wealth and making crypto trading easier than ever. Mizar’s aim is to provide equal opportunities for everyone to access successful trading strategies and trading tools.

If it’s true that trading has become easily accessible to anyone, it is also true that losing money has also become very easy. 95% of crypto traders lose money! The main key drivers are emotions, FOMO, fear and greed, no risk management, and little know-how.

That’s why Mizar has been developed. Mizar is a smart trading platform that enables traders to be successful. Our users can automate their trading to remove emotions from equations, set low-risk strategies with smart trading tools, and see their portfolios growing through a user-friendly interface. Additionally, a two-sided marketplace allows novices to copy-trade from profitable pros who in turn can monetize their skills.

As Mizar rolls out its multi-phase roadmap, users will be able to trade and share their trading strategies across dozens of CEX and DEX platforms from a single terminal. The introduction of AI to support better decision-making and enhanced analytics will allow users to derive greater success from DCA, API, or GRID bots and automate order creation and execution. Sniper Bots and DEX Bots will help DeFi traders to improve their trading, together with a set of tools to research tokens and other data.

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