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Binance and other 10 exchanges

Copy-trade with a few clicks and diversify your crypto investments.
30D Returns
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by @AIAlpha3
30D Returns
30D Returns
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by Cramer
30D Returns

Easiest Copy Trading.

Find a bot, set up your investment, and trade.

Step 1

Connect Exchange

Connect Exchange Step 1

Step 2

Browse Marketplace

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Step 3

Start Copy Trading

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Trading Terminal

DCA Bots

Reduce your trading risk with Mizar Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) bots.

Full Automation

Develop fully automated DCA strategies to manage your crypto orders, 24/7.

Advanced Settings

Pre-set safety orders, take profit or stop loss levels, trailing take profit and much more, and let Mizar bots do the rest.


on 10 exchanges, SPOT & FUTURES

Connect your bots

Manage your signals and orders from TradingView and Mizar SDK.

TradingView Indicators
Use pre-set TradingView Technical Indicators to open new orders.
TradingView Webhook
Trade with TradingView Webhook.
Mizar SDK
Manage your bots with Mizar Python-SDK.
Monitor from Telegram

Trade & Monitor from Telegram

Trigger new signals and monitor all your orders from your Telegram account.

10 Supported Exchanges

Connect to your favourite exchange with API keys and start to trade.

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Stop Manual Trading

Get access to performing bots developed by professionals, and create your own.

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