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Snipe new tokens on Uniswap v2.0 and v3.0, without the hassle of managing your own nodes. Get started in just a few clicks.



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Uniswap v2.0 and v3.0

Be the First to Buy with Mizar

Effortless sniping: leave the nodes running and mempool management to us. Analyze your preferred contracts and effortlessly set up your snipe. With Mizar, a single click ensures you're the pioneer buyer of a new token, with full safety and control.

Liquidity and Method Sniping Bots

Automatically buy a new token as soon as liquidity is added or upon the activation of a specified smart contract MethodID.

No Node or RPC Requirements

Mizar takes care of all the heavy lifting, allowing you to automatically snipe a new token without requiring the deployment of an Ethereum node or RPC.

Anti-scam Auto-Protection

Customize your Sniper Bot to automatically stop under various conditions, such as when the token is identified as a honeypot, when the buy tax exceeds your threshold, and other user-defined criteria.

Anti-sniper-bot Protection

Automatically wait for deadblocks before sniping, dynamically adjust your order size to accommodate max. buy limits in the contract, evade excessive initial taxes, and more.

Auto-Manage Your Trades

Effortlessly Monitor and Manage Your Snipes via Mizar’s Intuitive Dashboard

Auto Trading Functionalities
Auto Take Profit
Auto Stop Loss
Trailing Take Profit & Stop Loss
Advanced Order Management
Mizar Sniper Bot Mobile
Detailed Sniper Bot Features
User-friendly UniSwap v2.0 and v3.0 Sniper Bot to snipe any compatible token launch or IDO on Ethereum (ETH) without any need of running Ethereum nodes or RPC
Multi-wallets Sniper Bot
Liquidity Range, Market Cap Range, and MethodID Sniping
Anti-scam Protection: honeypot, buy and sell taxes, and min. sell amount protection
Anti-bot Protection: block delay, dynamic max buy adaptation
Automatic trading: conditional limit orders, multiple take profit, multiple stop loss, trailing take profit, trailing stop loss
Smart Gas Settings: Automatic best gas price
Rug-pull protection to prevent liquidity pulls, excessive sell orders, contract settings editings and others
Copy-trading: wallet and Telegram copy-trading
Block-0 Sniper Bot using bloXroute and bribing.
MEV-bots integrated protection
candlestick chart pattern showing the movement in prices mobile
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