Develop your DCA Bots

No coding skills required.

Automate your trades.

Improve your performance and reduce risks.


DCA explained

Dollar Cost Averaging is the best way to reduce your trading risk.

A Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) strategy is an investing strategy which can be used to reduce the risk of open a position at one single time. A DCA strategy buys or sells a currency at preset intervals, aiming at improving the entry price of a trade over time.

By using DCA strategies, you can get rid of the ambitious work of trying to determine the perfect timing and price when it comes to the market.

Once you have configured your DCA bot on Mizar, it will automatically open positions on your behalf according to the parameters that you set.


Open positions based on trading signals

With Mizar you can open positions using a variety of different tools


TradingView Indicators

Open orders using pre-set TradingView indicators like Strong Buy, RSI 7 or more.


TradingView Webhook

Connect with API to TradingView and send customised signals.



Connect to external services or platforms and send signals through API.