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What is OKX?

Dive into the world of digital trading with OKX Crypto Exchange, a cutting-edge platform that offers an unparalleled variety of order types. With over 100 USDC pairs, trading becomes swift and cost-effective, placing you in control of your financial journey.

But OKX is more than a trading platform; it's a symbol of prestige. As the proud crypto exchange partner of McLaren F1 and Manchester City football club, OKX not only exemplifies excellence but also draws inspiration from elite athletes, promoting mental and physical prowess among traders.

What is the best OKX trading bot?

Create your DCA bot on OKX

Create a OKX API bot to automatically divide your investment in smaller pieces

Trade SPOT markets on OKX

Buy and Sell cryptos on OKX SPOT from Mizar

Trade FUTURES and derivatives on Binance

Develop a OKX trading bot strategy for derivative instruments

Connect TradingView to Mizar and trade on OKX
OKX TradingView

Connect your TradingView account to Mizar and automate your trades on OKX.

Here’s how you can add OKX API keys on Mizar

OKX copy trading

On Mizar, you can let pros manage your portfolio and copy trade on OKX.

Mizar´s official traders offer a wide range of trading bots on OKX. Select your favourite and invest in few clicks.

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