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$MZR, the Mizar utility token, is launching soon. Check the token metrics

Referral program

Invite a friend on Mizar to earn referral rewards. Share your referral code and start to earn.

Earn up to 45% of Mizar’s lifetime trading commission for each referral.
Increase commissions by upgrading your STAR level.
Instant payouts.

Start earning up to 45% of your friends commissions now!


Sign up

Sign up on Mizar and visit your referral page


Share your code

Invite a friend with your referral code and give them 5% lifetime discount on their fees.


Start Earning

Earn up to 45% of the traded volume fee from your referrals for the lifetime of their accounts.

Simulate your referral rewards

Check how much you can earn with the Mizar referral reward program.
Trade more or stake $MZR to increase your STAR level and earn more.

N. of friends invited


Monthly traded volume per friend


* The monthly rewards have been calculated considering that each user has a Proto-Star level, and trades the same average amount and no $MZR are held in their M-wallet. No promotions have been taken into account

Becoming an Ambassador

Ambassadors are passionate champions of trading who bring their Network together to advance awareness and adoption of smart trading with Mizar.


Get direct access to the Mizar team through dedicated invite-only Discord channel.


Get upgraded to Higher Star Tiers to earn more on referrals.


Be the first to hear about updates and news, see software previews and try out new & advanced features.


Get involved in decision-making processes by providing direct feedback to the Mizar team.


Meet Mizar’s community and get invited to exciting AMAs or podcasts.


Get support from Mizar to co-write educational content.

What do we expect from you as an Ambassador?

Spread awareness: Help to inform and educate your network about Mizar through tutorials, AMAs, podcasts, reviews and more to get your network on board. Share your unrevealed tips and tricks!

Community Leader: Help us to keep our social media channels an informative, productive and pleasant place for the community. Post, comment, share and support with answering FAQs or general interests of the community.

Develop engaging and insightful content: in form of videos, articles, graphic designs, podcasts, translations or other form of artistic production to be featured on yours and ours platform.

Developer Relations: Get access to new features and support the development team with debugging, testing and feedback.

(Traders) Introductions: Do you think that there are synergies between what we do and any other project, person or trader that you know? We’d love to talk to them.

Meet-up Organizer: Organize regular Mizar meetups in your city, connect with local Crypto enthusiasts, educate them and have open debates.

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Become an Ambassador now.

Spread the Mizar vision while earning.