8 Reasons Why Mizar Smart Trade Will Revolutionize Your Trading

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Mizar’s Smart Trade offers a wide range of advanced features that set us apart from the competition. From our user-friendly open positions manager with detailed logs, to our ability to group positions into tags for better analytics, Mizar Smart Trade is a powerful tool for traders of all levels. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the 8 critical factors that make Mizar’s Smart Trade superior.

1- Unlimited features with no subscription plan. 

One of the key advantages of Mizar’s Smart Trade is that you can access all advanced tools and features without limitation or the need to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee. This makes the Mizar Smart Trading Terminal an ideal choice for you whether you are a novice or experienced in crypto trading, as it allows you to fully explore the capabilities of the software without any financial commitment. Whether you're looking to test new trading strategies or simply want to take advantage of the latest tools and features, Mizar Smart Trading gives you the freedom to do so without any additional costs.

2- Multi entries, multi take-profit & multi stop-loss. 

Another powerful feature of Mizar’s Smart Trade is its ability to support multi entries, multi take-profit, and multi stop-loss. This allows traders to set multiple entry points up to 30 entries, 10 take-profit levels, and 10 stop-loss levels for a single trade, giving them more control and flexibility over their trades. This is particularly useful for traders who prefer to scale in and out of trades, or those who want to set multiple targets for a trade. By using multi entries, multi take-profit and multi stop-loss, traders can create a more sophisticated and nuanced trading strategy, which can help increase their chances of success. Additionally, these also allow traders to manage their risk more effectively by setting multiple stop-loss levels to minimize potential losses.

3- Performing trailing take-profit.

Mizar’s Smart Trade can also perform trailing take-profit. This feature allows traders to lock in profits as the market moves in their favor, while also giving them the opportunity to capture additional gains. By using a trailing take-profit, traders can set a certain percentage % distance from the market price, once the price reaches the distance, it will move the take profit % to the current market price, this way if the market continues to move in the traders favor, the take-profit level will move with it, ensuring the trader captures the most possible amount of profit. This feature is especially useful for traders who want to take advantage of a strong market trend, or those who are trading volatile markets. It can help them to maximize their profits while also reducing their risk. 

4- Possibility to automatically move stop-loss based on realized profits. 

Another valuable feature of Mizar’s Smart Trade is the ability to automatically move the stop-loss based on realized profits. This feature allows traders to set a certain level of profit at which,the stop loss will be moved to the entry point,guaranteeing the trader to leave the trade with the set profit. This can be extremely beneficial for traders who want to lock in a certain level of profit while also giving themselves the opportunity to capture additional gains. It is a way to manage risk by locking in profits, while also allowing the trade to continue to run with the potential to make more profits. Overall, this feature provides traders with more control over their trades.  

5- Possibility to manage your open positions: add funds, close, cancel, edit, or clone the open position.

One of the most convenient features of Mizar’s Smart Trade is the ability to manage your open positions. This includes the ability to add funds, close, or cancel positions, as well as edit or clone existing positions. This feature gives traders more control over their trades and allows them to make quick decisions based on market conditions. For example, if a trader sees that a position is not performing as well as expected, they can quickly close or edit the position to minimize losses. Similarly, if a trader sees an opportunity to add funds to a position that is performing well, they can do so quickly and easily. Additionally, the ability to clone a position allows traders to replicate successful trades, which can be especially useful for novice traders who are still learning the ropes. Overall, this feature makes it easy for traders to manage their trades and make the best decisions based on market conditions.

6- User-friendly open positions manager with details and logs included. 

Mizar Smart Trading's open positions manager is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. It provides traders with a clear and concise overview of their open positions, as well as detailed information and logs on each individual trade. This includes information such as entry price, stop loss, take profit, and profit/loss. The open positions manager also includes a range of useful tools and features, such as the ability to sort and filter positions by various criteria, such as profit/loss, entry date, and more. This allows traders to quickly and easily identify profitable trades, as well as those that may be causing losses. Additionally, with the ability to view the historical performance of each trade, traders can see how their trades have performed in the past, which can help inform their future trades. Overall, the user-friendly open positions manager provides traders with all the information and tools they need to make informed decisions about their trades.

7- Possibility to group the open positions into tags to increase analytics. 

Mizar’s Smart Trade allows traders to group their open positions into tags, which can be used to increase analytics and improve their trading strategy. By grouping positions into tags, traders can easily identify patterns and trends in their trades, as well as gain valuable insights into which strategies and methods are working best for them. For example, a trader might group all of their trades that use a certain indicator or trading strategy together and then analyze the performance of those trades to see if the strategy is working well for them. Additionally, traders can also use tags to group trades by other criteria, such as market conditions or timeframes, which can also be useful for identifying patterns and trends. This feature can be especially useful for traders who want to fine-tune their trading strategies and improve their chances of success.

8- Possibility to share smart trade with others through a marketplace to get copied and rewarded. 

One of the most unique features of Mizar’s Smart Trade is the ability to share smart trades with others through a marketplace. This allows traders to share their successful trades with others, who can then copy them and potentially benefit from the same success. Additionally, traders can also be rewarded for sharing their trades, which can provide an added incentive to share their knowledge and strategies. Overall, the ability to share smart trades through a marketplace can be a valuable tool for traders of all levels, as it allows them to learn from one another, improve their skills, and get rewarded upon success.


Mizar Smart Trade is top-of-the-line with advanced features, such as unlimited features with no subscription plan, multi entries, multi take-profit, multi stop-loss and trailing take-profit, that provide traders with more control and flexibility. It also has a user-friendly open positions manager with detailed logs and the ability to edit positions and group positions into tags for better analytics. Additionally, traders can share smart trades through a marketplace, providing an opportunity to learn from one another and potentially increase chances of success. Overall, Mizar’s Smart Trade is a comprehensive tool for traders of all levels to improve their trading.