Mizar Smart Trade Bug Bounty Campaign Is Now Live

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Mizar is committed to providing a secure and exceptional user experience for all of our customers. Our recent launch of the Smart Trading Terminal is a testament to this dedication. To further enhance the platform's user experience, we are launching a bug bounty campaign for both users and developers to take part in.

The campaign will offer an opportunity for individuals to assist in identifying and reporting any potential issues or vulnerabilities within the Smart Trade terminal, thereby helping us improve the quality of the product and providing a superior user experience. We believe that through collaboration with our users and developers, we can achieve our goal of delivering the highest level of security and user satisfaction.

Mizar's new smart trading terminal is designed to enhance your trading performance and save time. This terminal allows you to trade on multiple exchanges from a single platform. You can diversify your trading by exploring different markets and trading pairs. With 100% control, you can open and close positions at any time, take profits and stop losses, and use advanced settings to improve your performance. The analytical tools provided by the terminal allow you to analyze your performance, track your metrics, and make data-driven improvements to your trading strategies, you can also connect to TradingView via Mizar. Learn more here

Bug Bounty Duration:

The Mizar Bug Bounty Campaign has been extended until the completion of the beta phase.

From 5 P.M UTC, 9th February 2023 to 5 P.M UTC, 9th March 2023.

Scope of Mizar Bug Bounty Campaign: Mizar Smart Trade 

All report tickets— regarding Mizar Smart Trading — submitted in the Discord #smart-trade-bug-bounty category during this timeframe will be reviewed by members of the Mizar Team.

Prerequisite for taking part in the Campaign:

To participate in the Smart Trading Bug Bounty Campaign you need to fulfill the following prerequisites:

  1. Sign up on Mizar.

  2. Join Mizar Telegram Announcement group.

  3. Join Mizar Telegram Community Chat group.

  4. Join Mizar Discord.

  5. Follow us on Twitter.

  6. Use Smart Trade on Mizar. Learn how to here.

Encountered a Bug?

Submit your bugs in our discord by opening a ticket. Please remember to provide us with accurate information for your bug report. Some tips: 

  • Give a good crunch test

  • Make notes, screenshots, videos of all things that you think work improperly

  • Submit your overviews to our #smart-trade-bug-bounty Discord room

  • Extra: Repost the Bounty Hunt post on Twitter using #mizarbugbounty (chance to x2 your prize)

Once you submit your first bug you will receive the role: Beta Tester. This role will give you access to future exclusive giveaways and information.

Review and Reward

All your works will be reviewed by our developers within the duration of the bug bounty and assessed by the following criteria:

  • Thoroughness of the provided report

  • The severity of the vulnerability found

Payouts for the bounties will be handled by the Mizar team directly, are denominated in Dollar and credited to your account. Rewards are distributed according to the impact of the vulnerability.

The total prize pool is $500, with $50 per functional bug that has been found.

A functional bug is any issue with the behavior of the platform. Including but not limited to opening a position, editing the settings or closing the position.


  • The prize will be awarded to the most detailed and helpful submissions. Duplicate reports of known bugs aren’t eligible to win.

  • Users can improve their chances of being rewarded by providing high-quality information in the following aspects: bug description, instructions for recreating the issue, and a solution (optional).

  • Rewards will be established on an individual level. The bug bounty campaign, as well as its terms and conditions, are entirely at the discretion of the Mizar team.

  • The campaign's rules and conditions may vary as required by the Mizar team.

Bug bounty hunters, what are you waiting for, get hunting!