Mizar X Block Party Trading | Creating A DCA Bot by Combining Tools, Strategies & Triggers

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Traditionally, a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) crypto bot allows a trader to automatically enter or exit a crypto trade at regular intervals over a preset time frame to either take advantage of the market volatility or reduce its influence. However, in the article, we will discuss creating a more robust crypto DCA trading bot that comprehends professional market tools, strategies, and triggers, as well as technical and fundamental analysis.

Specifically, we will cover the trading tools TradingView, Pinescript & Python. Then we will discuss Swinging and Scalping trading strategies as well as DCA bot triggers. We will wrap it up with how our official trader Block Party Trading, takes advantage of these techniques for positive yields.


TradingView is a premium cross-platform charting system used by 30 million plus traders, investors, instructors, and market enthusiasts to communicate and analyze the crypto market and spot opportunities across global markets.

With TradingView, traders can deduce a coin's buy and sell signals by tweaking various technical indicators, such as Relative Strength Index (RSI), Moving Average Convergence and Divergence (MACD), Exponential Moving Average (EMA), and more. 

For example, RSI is a momentum indicator that measures the speed and magnitude of a token's recent price changes to evaluate whether the coin is overvalued or undervalued. If a coin shows an overvalued signal, a downward trend is imminent, and vice versa.

Pinescript & Python

Pinescript and Python are both programming languages useful to crypto traders. TradingView created Pinescript for traders to backtest trading strategies and create custom indicators and trading alerts to maintain an advantage over other investors. Among other things, it has built-in data, eliminating traders from the stress of sourcing and formatting data from external sources.

Swinging & Scalping

Scalping and swing trading are two popular short-term investing strategies crypto traders use.

Scalping implies placing hundreds of transactions daily, holding each position briefly for as short as a few seconds. As a result, the return on investment via scalping is usually tiny, but the risk is almost nonexistent.  A trader needs a high level of analytical ability to scalp successfully. 

On the other hand, swing trading uses technical analysis and charts to follow and profit from crypto trends. Unlike crypto scalping, it is an intermediate-term strategy and can take a few days to a few weeks. Swing traders may need less experience than scalpers, as swing trading is usually less demanding regarding the time necessary to monitor financial charts.

In sum, the ideal Dollar Cost Averaging crypto bots can automatically function with the models from the tools mentioned above and strategies. Manually, professional traders can influence the bots with additional data from technical and fundamental analysis.

Notably, technical trading analysis looks at patterns in market data to discover trends and predict how markets might move in the future. However, fundamental analysis is a big-picture approach that considers a token’s user community and real-world value.

Introducing Mizar’s Strategy Provider, Block Party Trading

Block Party Trading is a team of professional market analysts with a large follower base on the crypto community forum, TradingView, and Telegram. As their community continuously found their strategies advantageous, multiple requests from crypto enthusiasts and investors led to the birth of Block PartyTrading. 

How Does Block Party Trading Work?

Block Party Trading uses Pinescript & Python programming languages to facilitate the automated volume trading side of the strategy. Block Party’s strategies are predominantly long positions for the spot market. Long strategies in crypto let a trader benefit from the upward movement of a coin.

Block Party Trading’s Favorite Strategy

One of Block Party’s top-performing strategies is called AutoHF, a unique model that inherits the conventional dollar-cost averaging model. AutoHF relies on two primary sources for entries, which could be either manual addition or automation.

The automation source is a proprietary algorithm from over three years of development. It capitalizes on rising markets and slows down only for the most promising downturns to make purchases.

And based on human intervention rather than automatic processes, Block Party’s system incorporates all of its trades and those from premium channels that rely on the same fundamentals and technical research.

What Tools Does Block Party Use to Execute The Strategy?

Block Party uses TradingView to test and execute scripts. Recall that TradingView is a platform that allows traders and investors to customize patterns, lines, and shapes that millions of traders use daily to analyze financial assets. 

According to Block Party's founder, the excellent combination of Tradingview and Mizar’s advanced DCA algorithms easily places it in the top tier of crypto trading systems for profitability and safety globally.

What Should Users Consider When Copying Block Party Trading on Mizar?

Users/day traders are advised to deploy minimal resources per trade and to only deal using their spare funds.


As established above, Block Party Trading uses multiple specialized tools and market research to create the ideal DCA bots to make gains via spot trading. Additionally, user-friendliness was a primary design goal for all Block Party tactics, as they require less effort from users, eliminating the possibility of mistakes and can help you generate a passive income via crypto copy trading.

Mizar has improved Block Party Trading with its Dynamic Safety Order (DSO) feature, which helps increase capital efficiency and safety during unanticipated market volatility. According to the highly reputable trader, DSO is a logic not seen on any other platform. 

Sign up on Mizar with Block Party Trading’s referral link and trade using his premium strategies. Follow Block Party Trading activities on social media via Telegram, Twitter, and its official website.