MZR Monthly | November Edition 2022

MZR Monthly November Edition 2022

Get up-to-date on everything that has happened in the Mizar Universe in the last month! The main goal for November has been to develop our new Smart Trading Terminal, deliver our new blog, work on increasing Mizar’s user base and improve trust in the Mizar product and technology.

Quantitative Achievements

Mizar's user base increased by 10% in November. Despite the bear market, Mizar's users have generated 6-digit net profits. This demonstrates that bot & smart trading is suitable for any kind of market.

Product Updates

Mizar's new blog has been released. 4 new articles have been published in November. We will be releasing articles that cover a wide range of topics, from bot trading to macroeconomic trends, project reviews, and official traders' introductions.

Blog Overview

FTX has been removed while Binance.US has been added as an exchange. Learn how to connect via API here.

Mizar is preparing the development of the Smart Trading Terminal for the FUTURES market. Smart Trading Terminal V1.0 is almost completed with the MVP in the test net. Users will be able to trade directly from Mizar on their exchanges and use smart functionalities to control their orders and manage risk.


The main goal of November has been to increase trust in the Mizar platform through official reviews and the improvement of public pages.

  • Mizar has been rated as the #1 bot trading platform on

  • Mizar scored a 9/10 vote on blockonomi.

  • Mizar is the best automated trading platform on coincodecap.

  • Mizar is among the best crypto trading bots on geekflare.

Mizar implemented LinkedIn as one of the major communication channels. The month of November was dedicated to introducing our founding team. Follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about the team, insider knowledge about starting your own business, and more. 

Meet Francesco Ciuci in the Mizar LinkedIn

Official Traders

Mizar started to share the best-performing strategy of the week every Friday on Twitter. Did you already check out yesterday's winner? See tweet.

Returns by investing in the strategy of Jorge in the Mizar marketplace

3 new official traders have been onboarded, and more are testing the platform. Start copying the best strategies of official traders in the Mizar marketplace, completely subscription free.

Top performing strategies Mizar marketplace

Some Mizar users requested to become official traders. This will be used to test how to scale Mizar’s copy-trading infrastructure to prepare for going Social (ie, everyone can share their own bots on the marketplace to be copied by other users). 

What's next? 

  • Mizar will improve the marketplace look. Finding your favorite bot will be much easier!

  • Woo fans, get ready. Woo X Futures will be integrated soon!

  • Mizar will do the last tweaks on the Smart Trading Terminal. Contact us if you want to try out our MVP!