MZR Monthly | December Edition 2022

MZR Monthly December Edition 2022

Get up-to-date on everything that has happened in the Mizar Universe in the last month! In December we have focused on developing our new Smart Trading Terminal, we integrated WOO X Futures and further improved trust in our products and technology. After the API key leakages of competitors we also started to double down our investment in security in order to become the safest bot trading platform in the market. Stay tuned!

Quantitative Achievements

Mizar's user base increased by 26% in December. Mizar's users have generated high net profits, a great achievement considering the current market conditions. This demonstrates that bot & smart trading is suitable for any kind of market.

Product Updates

Mizar's blog V2.0 has been released together with 16 new published articles in December.

WOO X Futures has been integrated. Learn how to connect via API here.

Mizar Smart Trading Terminal V2.0 is in the test net ready to be launched end of January. Users will be able to directly trade from Mizar on their exchanges and use smart functionalities to control their orders and manage risk.


Mizar is continuously increasing trust through official reviews, listicle inclusion and PR articles.

  • Mizar has been ranked as one of the best bot trading platforms on blockonomi and cryptonewsz.

  • Mizar has been recommended as a serious trading platform by finbold.

  • Mizar has been presented as a great resource to achieve financial independence by cryptonewsz.

  • A Press Release of non-custodial bot trading on Mizar has been published on cryptopotato.

Mizar did some new engaging giveaways with WOO X, MEXC as well as a meme contest.

Official Traders

2 new official traders have been onboarded, 4 more are currently being onboarded and many more are testing the platform.

We had 5 strong strategies of the week in December:

  • Jbescosg - Botijo-Salvaje-Binance-nolimit, 30D return of +56,5% on 02.12

  • Blockpartytrade - AutoHF, 30D return of +40% on 09.12

  • WorldWideOffline - Bread and Butter Scalping, 30D return of +23% on 16.12

  • The Strategies of Kuresofa – LTC Strategy, 30D return of +22.7% on 23.12

  • Megabot Trader - USDT FUTURES SHORT, 30D return of +32.6% on 30.12

Start copying the best strategies of official traders in the Mizar marketplace, completely subscription free.

What's next? 

  • Security will be the main focus for the next month in order to become the safest bot trading platform out there.

  • Bitget fans, get ready. Bitget Spot and Futures will be integrated soon!

  • Keep your eyes open for promotions with WOO X and MEXC this month.

  • Mizar will do the last tweaks on the Smart Trading Terminal. Contact us if you want to try out our MVP!