Welcome, WOO X!

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We've got some exciting news! We've just integrated WOO X into our trading platform. It's the same great experience you know and love, but now with lower fees than ever before. Connect to your WOO X account and start trading with the lowest fees ever.

What is it?

The products offered by WOO are broad in scope and include:

  • WOO Exchange (WOO X): A high-performance, low-latency trading platform supporting 153 combined spot and futures markets.

  • DeFi offerings: DeFi services include WOOFi (a decentralized swap and earn protocol) and WOOFi DEX (an order book DEX built on NEAR with customizable workspaces, low fees, and advanced trading tools)

  • WOO Network: A liquidity pool that allows institutional clients to access deep pools of liquidity at scale.

What are the pros?

The most important pros are:

  • Lowest trading fees in the market that can be reduced to 0%;

  • The minimum deposit is only 0.0001 BTC;

  • A wide range of advanced financial instruments;

  • A mobile app and two different platforms (DeFi and CeFi); 

  • Support for extended types of limit orders;

  • An excellent customer service team who responds to user queries around the clock in a dedicated Telegram group;

What are the cons?

The most important limitations are:

  • No fiat withdrawal (like EUR, or USD);

Fees overview

On WOO X you can get access to the lowest fees in the market, 0.03% maker and 0.03% taker fees, whether you are staking the WOO token or not. And that’s not it, on WOO X you can pay a 0% manual trading fee simply by staking 1800 WOO tokens, $270 at today’s price. What else..?

How to create an account on WOO X ?

To sign up on WOO X is very easy. 

  • Go to their website and click “Register Now” (top right corner).

  • Select your nationality and input your email and password.

  • Go through the KYC process and provide a government-issued ID.

  • Be patient until your account gets approved. 

How do I connect WOO X to Mizar?

First, create your WOO X API keys on WOO X and ensure your API keys settings allow SPOT or FUTURES trading. Never enable withdrawals on your API keys or share them with others!

Login on Mizar and head on to connect exchanges. Select WOO X.

Connect WOO X to Mizar

Click on NEXT, add your API keys, and voilà, you just connected to Mizar!

For more information about how to set up your API keys on WOO X, visit our Help Center here.

How can Mizar help you to trade on WOO X?

Are you tired of searching for the best crypto trading platform? Do you want to be successful without spending endless hours looking at charts?

We know you do. That's why we created Mizar, a platform that helps traders and investors to be successful without spending endless hours looking at charts. Mizar helps traders and investors to find their own way to success through a combination of powerful tools, intuitive design, and easy-to-use features that make it easy for anyone to get started in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

With Mizar, you don't have to worry about liquidity, solvency, or exchange security. Your funds stay safe in your exchange account! You can easily connect your account to Mizar and start trading right away.

Close to free bot trading on WOO X

If you're a trader, you know that fees can be a HUGE pain. But did you know that there are ways to bot trade, almost for free? 

With Mizar x WOO X, you can automate your trading with bots (API and DCA trading bots), reaching volume fees that are so low that you could say it’s free. Mizar lets you reduce your trading fees by 95% (up to 0.0035% per transaction volume - check our pricing here). That means, if you trade $100,000 over a month, you can pay a total volume fee of $3.5. On the other hand, WOO X allows you to trade for free if you respect some requirements. Learn more about WOO X pricing here.

You know what they say: “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

Copy trade Crypto on WOO X

Mizar is also a marketplace for trading strategies, where traders can sell their bots and other investors can copy-trade them. 

With Mizar, you can now invest in other traders’ bots, directly on your WOO X exchange account. In fact, one of the main benefits of Mizar is that it's non-custodial—meaning you can store your assets on WOO X and still invest part of your assets in a bot developed by someone else.  Crypto copy trading has never been easier.