Free Ethereum Token Sniffer

Actively Monitoring 1M+ Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain

Token Sniffer Security Info

Token Security

Verify the safety of any ERC-20 contract

Anti-whale Detector

Determine if the token's contract includes max buy or max sell limits, and grasp the limits on your buying and selling capabilities.

Tax Scanner

Gain a clear understanding of the buy and sell tax rates embedded in the smart contract.

Honeypot Detector

Thoroughly examine the token to identify any potential indications of it being a honeypot.

Creator Info

Acquire additional details regarding the token's creator or owner, and gain visibility into their wallets and balances.

Ethereum Token Scanner

Open, free, and user-driven ERC-20 smart contract checker

Main Info

Obtain essential token details, including market capitalization, decimal precision, total supply, and other pertinent information.

Liquidity Info

Explore the token's liquidty pools and access key information such as liquidity size, available pairs, fees, and other relevant details.

Security Info

Check the applicable taxes for buying and selling, understand any sell amount restrictions, and detect honeypots or potential scams.

Methods Info

Get an overview of the methods employed in the contracts to understand how it has been development and its capabilities.
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Easily research your tokens and access essential information for free, with just a few clicks

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