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Best Trading Bot for KuCoin

Access the best kucoin trading bot for SPOT and FUTURES.

Trade on KuCoin
Trade on KuCoin with Mizar

Step 1

Sign Up on Mizar

Sign Up on Mizar Step 1

Step 2

Connect to KuCoin

Connect to KuCoin Step 2

Step 3

Develop Kucoin bots

Create a Bot and trade on KuCoin Step 3

Step 4

Trade on KuCoin

Trade on KuCoin Step 5

Here’s how you can add KuCoin API key on Mizar

What is the best trading bot for KuCoin?

On Mizar, you can automate your trades with bots using different techniques.
Create your DCA bot on KuCoin
DCA bot for KuCoin

Create a Kucoin API bot to automatically divide your investment in smaller pieces

Trade SPOT markets on KuCoin
KuCoin SPOT trading

Buy and Sell cryptos on KuCoin SPOT from Mizar

Trade FUTURES and derivatives on Binance
KuCoin FUTURES trading

Develop a KuCoin trading bot strategy for derivative instruments

Go Long or Short on Binance
Subscription free

Activate a KuCoin trading bot and pay fees only if it actually trades

Copy Trade on KuCoin

On Mizar, you can let pros manage your portfolio on KuCoin with Copy Trading.

Mizar´s official traders offer a wide range of trading bots on KuCoin. Select your favourite and invest in few clicks.

Copy trade on Mizar

Trading on KuCoin

KuCoin is among the largest crypto exchanges on volume and one of the most trader-friendly exchanges. The platform has over 20 million registered users and supports over 700 types of coins.

They offer basic trading, margins, futures, and P2P trading (Peer-to-peer). They have very low fees compared to other exchanges. KuCoin fees mainly range from 0.0125% to 0.1%, depending on your tier level. The more you trade on KuCoin the lower your fees will be.

With Mizar, you can simplify your cryptocurrency investment on KuCoin.

Safely Trade with Mizar

Sit back and let Mizar do the hard work for you.


Non-custodial platform

Mizar does not hold your funds. Your funds are securely stored in your own exchanges and no one except yourself can access or withdraw them.


Performing trading engine

Mizar developed a reliable, low-latency state-of-the-art trading engine to open and close positions with the best accuracy and speed.


Safe & Secure

Your security always comes first. Mizar protocol and infrastructure respect the best in class security and data protection standards.

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Trade on KuCoin now

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