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WOO X Trading Bot

Fully integrated with WOO X. Automate your trades with Mizar DCA bots on WOO X SPOT and FUTURES. Copy trade on WOO X with no fees.

Trade on WOO X
WOO X SPOT and FUTURES Copy Trading with DCA Bots

Step 1

Sign Up on Mizar

Sign Up on Mizar Step 1

Step 2

Connect to WOO X

Connect to WOO X Step 2

Step 3

Create a Bot

Create a Bot and trade on WOO X Step 3

Step 4

Trade on WOO X

Trade on WOO X Step 5

Mizar bot is the only one supporting WOO X SPOT and FUTURES

Automate your trades on WOO X with Mizar DCA Bots and Mizar Smart Trading Terminal, on the SPOT and FUTURES markets. Enjoy the convenience of automated trading and reduce your trading fees down to zero.


Here’s how you can add WOO X API key on Mizar

Why is Mizar bot the best option for WOO crypto exchange?

Create your DCA bot on WOO X
DCA bot for WOO X

Dollar Cost Averaging trading bots on WOO X and Smart Trading Tools

Trade SPOT and FUTURES markets on WOO X

Automatically trade all your favorite USDT pairs, on WOO X SPOT and FUTURES

Copy trade on WOO X
WOO X copy trading

Copy trade successful traders on WOO X and diversify your investment

Securely connect to WOO X with API keys

Use your WOO X API keys and whitelisted IPs to connect to Mizar trading platform.

Copy Trading Made Easy

Look for traders and copy trade crypto on WOO X.

Copy trade on Mizar

What is WOO Network?

WOO Network is a conglomeration of Centralized Finance (CeFi), Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and trading services designed to allow access to deep liquidity for cryptocurrency traders and investors.

The products offered by Woo Network are mainly the Woo Exchange (WOO X), the Woo decentralized swap (WOOFi) and the Woo DEX built on top of the NEAR protocol (WOOFi DEX).

WOO X allows you to get access to deeper liquidity while enjoying the lowest fees in the market, bringing your fees down to 0 if you stake the WOO tokens.

Safely Trade with Mizar

Sit back and let Mizar do the hard work for you.


Non-custodial platform

Mizar does not hold your funds. Your funds are securely stored in your own exchanges and no one except yourself can access or withdraw them.


Performing trading engine

Mizar developed a reliable, low-latency state-of-the-art trading engine to open and close positions with the best accuracy and speed.


Safe & Secure

Your security always comes first. Mizar protocol and infrastructure respect the best in class security and data protection standards.

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Trade on WOO X now

Join our Mizar WOO community and automate your trading on WOO X!

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