How to buy $MZR on Poolz?

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As the MZR IDO on Poolz is approaching, we’d like to provide you with a tutorial on how to participate and become an early $MZR investor.


SALE: Mar 6, 10:00am UTC



A short brief:

  1. Buy at least 250 Poolz to be eligible for guaranteed allocation

  2. Go to the Mizar page on Poolz ( and connect your wallet.

  3. Lock your Poolz tokens for the desired period of time

  4. Complete whitelist requirement (on BSC only)

  5. Do KYC 

  6. Purchase the MZR token and claim

  7. Claim your MZR tokens

Step 1: To be eligible for the Guaranteed Allocation in the IDO, make sure you have at least 250 $POOLZ locked for at least 7 days. If you want to participate in the lottery, make sure to have 150-249 $POOLZ locked for 7 days.

Step 2: To connect your crypto wallet to Poolz on the BSC network, head over to the Poolz webpage and click on the “Connect Wallet” button at the top right corner. You can then select your preferred wallet from the popup menu.

Step 3: In order to participate in any IDOs on Poolz, you must lock your $POOLZ tokens. You can do this through the official Poolz locking page, where you can customize the locking period of your tokens (minimum 7 days). After the successful lock, your Poolz tokens will be visible in the “dashboard” tab and claimable after the locking period has passed.

Step 4: To complete the whitelist requirement, you must stay in the “dashboard” and click on “Whitelist”. Then, press the “Join Whitelist” button to confirm that you are active and will participate in the IDO. The whitelisting confirmation transaction is on the Binance Smart Chain and the fees are negligible. After you register, it may take a few minutes for the site to update.

Step 5: KYC yourself with Blockpass here:

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Step 6: To win the allocation, the IDO Whitelist Winners will be announced in Poolz's main TG channels, approximately 24 hours prior to the IDO. Once the sale starts, you will be able to connect to the IDO pool and purchase the required allocation through Poolz's website

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Step 7: If you have won an allocation and participated in the IDO, you can claim the IDO tokens manually from the Poolz “dashboard/MyTokens” page. Make sure you are on the correct network. Once you have followed these steps, you have successfully completed the IDO process on Poolz. Congratulations!