$MZR Token Metrics

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Introducing the long-awaited $MZR token metrics! Before delving into the details of the $MZR token metrics, we would like to take a moment to briefly show our Partners and the utility of the $MZR token.

At the start of 2022, Mizar initiated its pre-sale fundraising round. Mizar's primary investors are also its partners, who share the common objective of elevating bot and copy-trading to new heights. Our partners, including Nexo, KuCoin Labs, Huobi Ventures, MEXC Global, gate.io Labs, and Woo Ventures, collaborate with us on a daily basis, with many of them already integrated into the Mizar platform. With just a few clicks, you can connect to your preferred exchange and immediately utilize advanced trading tools, allowing you to trade or copy-trade crypto on the exchange. Check out our press release to know more about our backers.

At the core of the Mizar trading community lies the $MZR token, which provides access to both advanced and user-friendly trading tools. The $MZR token also supports the social component of the Mizar platform, which includes crypto copy-trading, as well as enables traders to enhance their knowledge and skills, ultimately leading to greater success. For a comprehensive overview of the various utilities of the $MZR token, please refer to the detailed article linked here.

$MZR Main Info

Ticker: MZR

Total tokens amount: 10,000,000,000 MZR

Public Price (at IDO): $0.002

Initial Market Capitalization: $1,040,714 (5.2% of total)

Fully Diluted Market Capitalization: $20,000,000

Total raised (incl. Public Round): $3,180,000

$MZR Token Metrics

By relying on the expertise of our Advisors and Investment Partners, and by taking into account feedback from our community, Mizar has developed a set of token metrics designed to deliver both short and long-term value to token holders and participants within the Mizar Ecosystem.

Token Allocation

Public Sale IDO: The support and interest of the Community Supporters and end-users are pivotal to the sustained success of the Mizar Platform.

Seed Sale IDO: The earliest supporters of Mizar, who share a common vision for its future, are the key individuals who will ensure the success of the platform in the long run.

Private Sale IDO: Mizar's strategic investors contribute value and boost demand for both the use of the Platform and the $MZR Token, thereby empowering Mizar to realize its objective of offering automated trading for everyone.

Reserves & Treasury: These reserves are intended solely to support the future development of Mizar.

Marketing/Development: The tokens will be utilized to advance Mizar's promotional efforts, such as marketing campaigns and strategic partnerships, and future tech developments. If  tokens are sold to strategic partners, they will be subject to vesting and contractual agreements designed to preserve the long-term value of the MZR token.

Staking: Compensation for contributing liquidity.

Liquidity/Exchange: The purpose is to supply liquidity for both current and future DEX/CEX listings. Any unused tokens will be secured and not in circulation.

Advisors: Tokens allocated for advisors who have provided strategic assistance to Mizar during its development phase.

Team: Tokens designated for Team members to foster lasting commitment and involvement with Mizar.

Check the detailed token metrics here.

$MZR Token Vesting

Each round of tokens is accompanied by a vesting schedule, with the aim of ensuring long-term commitment to the project. Advisors and Team members have the longest vesting period, which involves a one-year cliff and vesting of up to three years. Seed and private rounds have also extended vesting periods, of up to one and a half years. This structure is intended to motivate strategic investors to continue their support for the Mizar project and help it achieve success in the cryptocurrency trading landscape. Tokens allocated for marketing, liquidity, treasury, and reserves have a vesting period of up to one year, which guarantees that the budget is employed to promote the project and enhance its user base, as well as keep advancing the technology in line with the roadmap. Finally, the public raise has the shortest vesting period, which offers early investors the freedom to decide whether or not to continue supporting Mizar. The Staking round is used to reward Liquidity Providers to offer liquidity to ensure a pleasant trading experience. Check the detailed token vesting & release schedule here.