Insight Into The Utility Of The $MZR Token

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The Mizar Solution

With over 10,000 active users and millions of volumes traded daily, Mizar is the go-to choice for those seeking the best trading experience in the crypto world. With advanced bots and smart tools, you can enjoy hands-free trading on your favorite CEX and DEX, and never miss out on opportunities again. Share your bots on the largest social trading platform in the crypto world and earn a passive income. With the $MZR token, you can also access these features without paying any subscription fees.

The Mizar platform relies heavily on the $MZR token, which allows users to access trading tools at a low cost and participate in the social trading aspect of the platform. By holding $MZR, users can actively engage in the MZR community, by sharing their bots on the marketplace, commenting on and rating other bots, and earning a passive income. Furthermore, $MZR holders have free access to the Mizar Academy, which provides valuable resources for aspiring and more seasoned traders.

Let's dive into an in-depth description of the utility of the $MZR token.

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Reduction of Traded Volume & Performance Fees

Mizar sets itself apart from competitors by not imposing any subscription fees on platform usage. All of Mizar’s features are available to its traders,  and users are charged based on trading volume for using its trading Bots and/or a performance fee used to reward traders when copy-trading. Fees are only charged when trades are executed, and users can save on fees when they take a break from trading or not making profits. Depending on the amount of $MZR tokens staked by the users, they can enjoy discounts of up to 95% on traded volume fees and up to 50% on performance fees for copy trading. Note that performance fees for copy trading are set by qualified traders and are charged only if the trade is profitable.

Buy Mizar Credits

To cover the fees, traders must purchase Mizar Credits using stablecoins like BUSD or USDT, or FIAT currencies like EUR or USD. Besides, users have the option of buying credits using $MZR tokens, which results in a credit multiplier.

Get Copied and Earn

The $MZR token is the driving force behind Mizar's social trading engine, where every user can share their trading bots on the Mizar marketplace and be copied by other traders. In this way, traders can share their knowledge and success with their followers and earn a share of their profits. By staking the $MZR token, traders gain the ability to share their bots on the marketplace. The more they stake, the more bots, followers, performance fees, and Assets Under Management they can have, which ensures that traders have a vested interest in the game and should result in a positive overall performance for the bots.

Learn and Earn

Mizar's main goal is to aid traders in achieving success. To accomplish this objective, Mizar provides traders with a diverse set of tools that enhance their abilities, allowing them to share their knowledge with the $MZR community. $MZR holders will have the opportunity to participate in the Mizar Academy, a platform that offers users access to webinars, trading groups, and many other educational resources. Users can earn stablecoin rewards, $MZR tokens, NFTs, and even subscriptions to TradingView and other trading tools by performing actions or sharing their experiences.


Staking $MZR tokens entitles users to receive referral commissions of up to 45% when they bring friends to Mizar. The percentage of fees earned increases with the amount of $MZR staked. Furthermore, staking $MZR tokens allows users to earn commissions from the trades executed by their friend's friends.


By staking $MZR, users can take part in gamified leaderboards, competing against the world's top crypto traders. Daily, weekly, and monthly competitions will offer a variety of rewards and prizes paid out in $MZR, stablecoins, NFTs, and tangible prizes from Mizar and its partners.

Unlocking Mizar’s Advanced Features and dMizar

As we aim to provide some of the most advanced trading tools to Crypto Traders around the world, without the need for programming expertise, certain features, advanced signals, and unlimited bandwidth will become available only to $MZR token holders. We at Mizar, have not kept it secret that we plan on expanding the same types of trading tools and bots for centralized exchanges to decentralized exchanges(DEXs) with dMizar!

Yield Generation

To ensure that $MZR is distributed evenly over time, token holders have the option to provide liquidity and stake their LP tokens. They can also participate in Single Asset Staking, which offers an attractive yield.

The Road Forward (‘Wen Launch?’)

Mizar TGE is set for the 9th of March. Check out our latest article here.

Get ready to be at the forefront of the latest and greatest at Mizar! Join the $MZR community before it's even launched. Stay in the know by keeping a close watch on our social channels in the days to come.