Mizar Crypto Trading Platform Launches on Redkite

Crypto Trading Platform Mizar launches on Redkite

Please note that we will share more information about the sale itself and how to enter the allowlist in a separate post.

We are thrilled to announce that the $MZR Token will be launching on the RedKite launchpad, with the launch scheduled for March 7th. This launch will allow Mizar's advanced trading tools to reach a broader audience.

Mizar is a cutting-edge trading platform with a wide range of features for trading cryptocurrencies and the goal of transforming how traders engage with CeFi and DeFi, and revolutionizing the future of crypto trading. Mizar has attracted the attention of investors and blockchain enthusiasts and offers users and investors various incentives, such as staking rewards and robust tokenomics, which provide a means to earn passive income while contributing to the platform's development and growth.

Launching the $MZR token on RedKite provides Mizar with a secure, credible, and comprehensive solution as it is a well-respected launchpad with a proven track record of successfully launching and supporting innovative projects in the crypto space.

By launching on RedKite, Mizar gets exposed to a large community of crypto enthusiasts and investors who are actively seeking out new investment opportunities in the blockchain space. Redkite offers services like a decentralized KYC process, anti-bot measures, and a Safeguarded Launch Protocol to prevent issues such as gas wars and front-running.

What's Next?

Mizar has gained 10,000+ users and achieved daily traded volumes in the millions since its successful launch in summer 2022. This milestone of over a year of growth and development, would not have been possible without the Mizar Family - a dynamic, inclusive, and rapidly expanding community of traders. Their constant support, feedback, and engagement have been invaluable to Mizar. We have achieved so much together, and we are excited for the continued progress and success that lies ahead.

Mizar aims to simplify trading, starting with CEXs, with plans to expand to DEXs soon. Please see the white paper for more details on the roadmap

To participate in the $MZR launch on RedKite, users need an Ethereum address and $BUSD balance. The Safeguarded Launch Protocol will ensure a secure experience. For more details on the $MZR launch on RedKite, visit the Mizar registration page on Redkite. Further information on how to participate in the IDO will be shared in our upcoming blog post.

About RedKite

RedKite is a decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform that enables projects to raise capital and provide security to early-stage investors. RedKite also has a staking mechanism that allows users to stake RedKite tokens to gain priority access to promising projects.

RedKite offers a multi-chain launchpad that supports various blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and more. This enables projects to reach a wider audience and potentially gain access to new liquidity pools.

About Mizar

Mizar is a leading platform for crypto trading, with a thriving user base of over 10,000 active traders and millions of daily traded volumes. With Mizar, users can enjoy hands-free trading on their preferred centralized and decentralized exchanges, leveraging advanced bots and intelligent tools to maximize their profits and minimize FOMO. Mizar also offers a social trading platform, enabling users to share their bots and earn passive income, while the MZR token provides access to all these features without any subscription fees. Join Mizar today to experience the future of crypto trading.