Mizar Token Sniffer Bug Bounty

Join the Mizar Token Sniffer Bug Bounty and discover bugs, wrong info, and missing data.

Participate in our live Token Sniffer bug bounty program! Report bugs, incorrect information, and missing data to be eligible for a share in the $2,500 prize pool.

We are more than excited to have released our long-awaited Token Sniffer! Now, it's easier than ever to ensure the security of ERC-20 tokens. You can utilize this powerful tool directly from the Mizar platform or even access it on your mobile via Telegram. By doing so, you can verify whether a token is a honeypot, check tax details, scan the contract creator, and access other essential information that helps you to make informed decisions when trading on the blockchain.

At Mizar, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our valued customers. To further enhance the reliability of our Token Checker, we are launching an inclusive bug bounty campaign that invites both users and developers to actively participate. This campaign offers a fantastic opportunity for our community to collaborate with us in identifying and reporting potential issues or vulnerabilities found within the Mizar Token Sniffer Webapp and Telegram Bot.

Your contributions will play a fundamental role in improving the overall Token Sniffer, which represents the fundamental part of D-Mizar as all our sniper bots, DEX bots and trading bots will rely on this information.

Rewards Pool

There is a total of $2,500 worth of $MZR tokens as a pool prize, and you can win $100 for any functional bug found. Once the bug bounty period concludes, we'll distributed your rewards on the Arbitrum chain within two days.

Bug Bounty Duration:

From 09 AM UTC, 3rd August 2023 to 09 AM UTC, 14th August 2023.

Scope of Mizar Bug Bounty Campaign: 

Submit all report tickets in our Discord #token-sniffer-bug-bounty forum during the bug bounty period.

Prerequisite for taking part in the Campaign:

To participate in the Token Scanner Bug Bounty Campaign you need to fulfill the following prerequisites:

  1. Use the Mizar Token Sniffer (webapp or Telegram). Learn how to use it here

  2. Join Mizar Telegram Announcement group

  3. Join Mizar Telegram Community Chat group

  4. Join Mizar Discord

  5. Follow us on Twitter

Encountered a Bug?

Submit your bugs in Discord #token-sniffer-bug-bounty forum. Please remember to provide us with accurate information for your bug report. Some tips: 

  • Give a good crunch test

  • Make notes, screenshots, videos of all things that you think work improperly

  • Submit your overviews to our #token-sniffer-bug-bounty Discord forum

  • Extra 1: Repost the Bounty Hunt post on Twitter using #mizarbugbounty (chance to x2 your prize)

  • Extra 2: Be active and engage in others reports (chance to x2 your prize)

Once you submit your first bug you will receive the role: Beta Tester. This role will give you access to future exclusive giveaways and information.

Tips & Tricks

To identify functional bugs or incorrect information, you can search for tokens and cross-reference them with other reputable platforms like:

Review and Reward

Our developers will review all your work during the bug bounty and assess it based on specific criteria.

  • Thoroughness of the provided report

  • The severity of the vulnerability found

A functional bug is any issue with the behavior of the platform. Including but not limited to wrong information, missing information, UI bugs.


  • We will award the prize to the most detailed and helpful submissions. Duplicate reports of known bugs aren’t eligible to win.

  • Users can increase their chances of getting rewarded by providing good information about bugs, how to recreate them, and possibly a solution.

  • We will establish rewards on an individual level. The bug bounty campaign, as well as its terms and conditions, are entirely at the discretion of the Mizar team.

  • The campaign's rules and conditions may vary as required by the Mizar team.

Bug bounty hunters, what are you waiting for, get hunting!