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Reflux - new Mizar strategy provider

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency trading, innovative tools and adept strategies are crucial for success. Meet Reflux, a proficient crypto trader who has been steering through the market's complexities since 2017. With an extensive background in technical analysis and a sharp insight into market fluctuations, Reflux has developed advanced trading strategies using Mizar, a platform revolutionizing the crypto trading landscape.

Early Days in Crypto

Reflux's journey in the crypto realm commenced with basic spot purchases back in 2017. This initial venture was driven by a blend of curiosity and ambition to demystify the complexities of cryptocurrencies. By 2018, this curiosity had blossomed into a profound interest in technical analysis, propelling Reflux into active trading and significant market accomplishments.

Embracing Automation with Mizar

A pivotal shift in Reflux's trading methodology came with the integration of Mizar to automate his trading processes. Mizar enabled him to convert his trading acumen into efficient trading bots, automating trade management and ensuring precision and consistency in his trading endeavors.

reflux trading strategy

Reflux’s Top Strategies on Mizar

Reflux has formulated two primary strategies on Mizar. His foremost strategy encompasses both long and short trades, applying Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) to fine-tune entry points. This approach consistently achieves a high success rate, highlighting its resilience despite market volatility.

The efficacy of these strategies, as Reflux suggests, is attributed to their robustness. They are designed to triumph even with suboptimal entry points, reflecting their adaptability to substantial market movements.

The Role of TradingView

A key component of Reflux's success is TradingView, a platform offering potent indicators that are vital to his strategies. These tools facilitate well-informed trading decisions, significantly contributing to the effectiveness of his strategies on Mizar.

Target Audience for Reflux’s Strategies

Reflux's strategies are primarily aimed at generating steady, albeit modest, profits. They are ideally suited for traders who prefer a cumulative build-up of returns through reinvestment strategies.

For those looking to replicate Reflux’s bot on Mizar, he recommends initiating with an investment of around $200. While the strategies can function with smaller capital, the investment can be scaled based on individual financial capabilities and risk appetite.

Mizar: A Transformative Tool for Reflux

Reflux values Mizar for its intuitive interface, which simplifies the creation and automation of trading bots. This feature has not only streamlined his trading process but has also been instrumental in consistently generating profits, underscoring Mizar's transformative role in his trading journey.


Reflux’s narrative is a powerful illustration of the dynamic nature of crypto trading, where strategic automation and insightful tactics pave the way to success. His progression from an expert manual trader to a fully automated trader utilizing Mizar’s sophisticated tools highlights the transformative potential of technology in reshaping trading methodologies in the cryptocurrency domain.

Connect with Reflux

Do you want to learn more about Reflux and his innovative approach to crypto trading? Feel free to reach him out via Discord and Twitter.

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