MZR Monthly | January Edition 2023

MZR Monthly December Edition

Get up-to-date on everything that has happened in the Mizar Universe in the last month! In January we have continued to focus on developing our new Smart Trading Terminal and further improved our platform security. Furthermore, we released the new marketplace including performance stats and integrated Bitget Spot & Futures.

Quantitative Achievements

Mizar's user base increased by 22% in January.

Mizar's users have more than doubled their trading volume and generated high net profits, a great achievement considering the current market conditions.

This demonstrates that bot & smart trading is suitable for any kind of market.

Product Updates

Mizar's new marketplace including performance stats has been released. Check it out here.

Bitget SPOT & FUTURES have been integrated. Learn how to connect via API here.

Mizar Smart Trading Terminal and Telegram integration to open new orders are are in the test net ready to be launched soon.


Mizar is continuously increasing trust through official reviews, listicle inclusion and PR articles.

  • Mizar has been reviewed as one of the best bot trading platforms on affiliatebay, captainaltcoin, finty and

  • Mizar has been listed on MagicSquare and got reviewed by 34 users, scoring 4.79/5.00. 

  • Our Strategy Provider AlgoTrade made a video about using DCA Bots for Crypto Trading on Mizar. His DCA Bots made around 30% profits in 7 days. 

  • Mizar did some new engaging giveaway campaigns:

    • In cooperation with Bitget: You can still participate till the 06/02/23.

    • In cooperation with WOO X: You can still participate till the 10/02/23.

    • 2x Trivia-Tuesday campaigns (#1 here, #2 here)

Official Traders

5 new official traders have been onboarded, 3 more are currently being onboarded and many more are testing the platform.

We had strong strategies of the week in January:

  • AI Alpha - LTC, 30D return of +11.8% on 06.12

  • The Strategies of Kuresofa – SOL Strategy, 30D return of +28.3% on 13.01

  • AI Alpha - SOL, 30D return of +54.2% on 20.01

  • The Strategies of Kuresofa – SOL Strategy, 30D return of +76.9% on 27.01

Start copying the best strategies of official traders in the Mizar marketplace, completely subscription free.

What's next? 

  • Mizar continued dedicating the whole January to becoming the safest bot trading platform out there. IP Whitelisting is just around the corner. 

  • Mizar will release the new credit system and metamask integration.

  • Mizar will do the last tweaks on the Smart Trading Terminal. Contact us if you want to try out our MVP.