What is a Sniper Bot?

Unleashing Early Crypto Profits on DEX

Have you taken a look at the chart of a new token launched on a decentralized exchange (DEX) like Uniswap? Many of them share a common pattern, especially right after their launch.

The chart usually looks like this:

a chart of an altcoin launch

Imagine if you could buy at the very start of a chart and sell at the peak before a significant drop. While there are risks, doing a 50x with a launch might cover all the other launches that did not go well.

Before we explore how sniper bots can help you earn money quickly, let's briefly understand how DEX works and how developers launch new tokens on the blockchain.

A token is essentially a smart contract stored on the blockchain, like Ethereum. This smart contract contains a set of instructions on the blockchain, allowing the token to perform various actions, such as being minted, burned, or simply existing. Tokens themselves can't be directly traded; they require listing on platforms like Binance or decentralized exchanges like Uniswap for trading to occur.

Most of the new and early altcoins find their place on DEXs like Uniswap or Pancakeswap. The listing process is normally cost-free, and there's no need for an approval process; it's open to anyone. For a token to be launched on Uniswap, developers must create a liquidity pool. This pool is a smart contract that lets traders swap tokens with others. For more information on liquidity pools, refer to this link: Learn about Liquidity Pools.

To simplify, call the instant a liquidity pool appears on the blockchain the block 0. That's the earliest opportunity to buy the token and swap it for another coin like ETH.

Sniper bots are software programs designed to scan the liquidity markets and detect any new deployed liquidity pools on the blockchain. Once a liquidity pool is created, these bots step in and execute purchases on your behalf. 

This is precisely how the Mizar Sniper Bot works. It follows this procedure: after confirming the token's tradability and assessing safety elements such as trading fees and other potential risks, the bot automatically executes a "snipe" - essentially exchanging some of your ETH for the new token the moment it's released.

For snipers, getting in at block 0 is the ultimate goal. This means purchasing in the exact block when the liquidity pool is set up. This strategy ensures you're among the first buyers, competing mainly with other sniper bots. This way, the only possible traders that sell right after you’ve bought are the project developers or private investors themselves, who might liquidate a portion of their holdings during launch. 

Once you've made your purchase at block 0, other traders will begin buying, causing the price to rise organically. The price often experiences significant increases in the initial blocks, and you'll mostly see buyers during this period.

Once you've made your snipe, the decision of when to sell rests with you. Identifying the all-time high is a challenge even for sniping bots. Nevertheless, Mizar's sniping bots offer assistance in automating your selling process after the purchase. They also provide risk management support, allowing you to set take-profit levels, implement stop-loss measures, and much more.

Sniper Bots Advantages: Automate Your Success

Sniper bots offer a range of advantages that can empower traders to maximize their gains:

Automated detection - A sniper bot continuously scans the market, checking each block, to spot the moment a liquidity pool for a particular token is created. You won't need to waste time constantly refreshing etherscan; our bot handles this task for you around the clock, 24/7.

Speed - While you might consider spending your time refreshing etherscan every 10 seconds, the chances of buying at block 0 remain slim. The best possibility is getting in at block 1, but even that can be challenging, requiring luck. The Mizar sniper bot takes a different approach. It examines the mempool, the blockchain segment where transactions await validation, identifying unverified liquidity pool deployment transactions. Mizar DEX bot will append the snipe in the same block at which the liquidity pool will be created. It's almost like foreseeing the future!

First-mover Advantage - Being the first to buy is a game-changer. You'll mainly compete with private investors or the developer as potential sellers, while others must buy after you.

Automated Trading and Safety - The Mizar sniper bot also provides automated trading and safety features. It can take profit for you automatically and stop loss when the price goes below a preset limit. Furthermore, the Mizar Token Sniffer assists in avoiding buying tokens with high taxes, honeypots, or not meeting your safety standards.

User-friendliness - Working behind the scenes, the Mizar sniper bot handles numerous essential tasks, simplifying sniping to just a few clicks. It verifies safety settings, confirms token tradability, identifies dead blocks and patiently waits for the token to become swappable. Moreover, it ensures seamless transactions, preventing failures if you're purchasing beyond permissible limits, and much more!

sniper bot

Navigating Risks: The Dark Side of Alt-coins Trading

If you're interested in sniper bots and can’t wait to try them, remember that even advanced and reliable tools come with risks.

Potential Losses - Even if you're one of the early buyers, there could still be others who got in before you. Investors who accessed private sales might have their tokens ready to sell right after your purchase. Alternatively, you might face competition from other snipers who used higher gas fees to buy before you, even within the same block.

Scams - There's a possibility of getting caught in a trap and unintentionally sniping a scam token. Scammers have numerous tactics, and spotting them all is nearly impossible. While the bot's security features can handle most cases, skilled developers might still manage to steal your funds by crafting clever scam contracts.

Rug-pulls - The project could potentially engage in a rug-pull, resulting in your funds being taken. Rug-pulls are deceitful actions carried out by projects or investors that render your investment completely useless. This typically involves a substantial sell-off by the project, removal of liquidity, and other such tactics.

Technological Risks - As is often the case, advanced technology brings complexity, which can lead to bugs, delays, and various other factors that might impact your trades. This is an important consideration to keep in mind when trading cryptocurrencies.

Always doing your own research (DYODD) is a smart way to avoid traps, even if you're using sniper bots for scam protection. Read our latest article on avoiding scams when trading altcoins on the blockchain.

The Best Sniper Bots

Sniper bots have gained momentum in recent months, and we're here to highlight some of the top-performing ones:

Remember, the crypto landscape is ever-evolving, and trying new technology is your strongest ally in the pursuit of success. Happy trading!


1. What Exactly is a Sniper Bot in the Context of Cryptocurrency Trading?

A sniper bot is an automated trading tool designed to detect and purchase new tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEX) like Uniswap at the exact moment they are launched. This allows traders to gain an early entry point, often enabling them to capitalize on price increases.

2. How Does a Sniper Bot Operate on DEX Platforms?

Sniper bots automatically monitor DEX platforms for the launch of new tokens. Upon detection, they execute pre-set trading commands, purchasing the new tokens at the earliest possible block (block 0) to secure them at the initial listing price.

3. What Are the Potential Advantages of Using Sniper Bots?

Sniper bots offer several advantages, such as automated detection of new tokens, rapid execution of trades, securing tokens at initial prices, and providing a first-mover advantage in the trading of new tokens on DEX platforms.

4. Are There Risks Involved in Using Sniper Bots for Trading?

Yes, using sniper bots can involve risks such as encountering scams, participating in rug pulls, experiencing technological glitches, and potential financial losses. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research and utilize risk management strategies when engaging in automated trading.

5. How Does Mizar Sniper Bot Ensure Safe and Efficient Trading?

Mizar Sniper Bot employs various mechanisms to enhance trading safety, including verifying token safety settings, confirming token tradability, and ensuring smooth transaction processes to safeguard your trading activities.

6. How Can I Get Started with Using Mizar Sniper Bot for My Trades?

To get started with Mizar Sniper Bot, visit our guide that provides a step-by-step walkthrough on setting up, configuring, and deploying the bot for trading on DEX platforms.

7. Where Can I Seek Support or Join a Community of Mizar Sniper Bot Users?

You can join the Mizar Discord server to connect with other users, share experiences, and seek advice.