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In this article, we'll give you an overview of long-term investment tools and how they can benefit the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. Along with that, we'll introduce you to Mizar's latest strategy provider, LearnTradeEvolve, and their trading service. We'll also discuss the techniques and tools they use to execute their strategies and highlight the things you should know before copying their bots on Mizar.

LearnTradeEvolve deploys authentic fund management signals to optimize its Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) bot strategies. Their software uses a risk management system to analyze financial market data and money flow within the cryptocurrency market. Instead of doing lump sum investing, the optimal investment time is detected and investments are distributed in regular intervals. Unlike traditional algo trading methods, LearnTradeEvolve follows a data-driven approach and avoids taking risky bets.

If you're searching for an investment strategy that prioritizes long-term gains and security, then LearnTradeEvolve might be ideal for your investment objectives.

What are the basics of automated long-term investment trading?

LearnTradeEvolve's trading approach is designed to incorporate two critical factors when trading: the overall market money flow and risk management.

The strategy measures the overall money flow in the market and determines whether money is flowing into or out of the crypto market. This information is used to decide when to invest in the market. The goal is to invest capital in a bullish market and avoid bearish markets. By dividing the investment capital, the risk of losing money unexpectedly is spread across multiple positions.

LearnTradeEvolve trades the 11 most reliable coins and tokens in the crypto market. The coins are chosen based on a specially developed trust score and are updated regularly. Money flow in these coins is monitored to make informed decisions on risk reduction and profit-taking.

This automated approach ensures investments are made solely in a rising crypto market. Bearish markets are filtered out, offering low-risk investment opportunities for significant amounts of capital.


  • Reduced risk: traders can invest with confidence, knowing their capital is protected from unexpected loss

  • Diversification: the use of an index helps diversify traders' portfolios, reducing overall risk and potentially increasing returns

  • Full automation: LearnTradeEvolve's solution offers a fully automated approach to the market, eliminating the need for manual intervention

Introducing Mizar’s Newest Strategy Provider – LearnTradeEvolve

Mizar is excited to introduce its newest strategy provider. LearnTradeEvolve was founded by a passionate trader from Germany who has a keen interest in DCA crypto copy trading. With years of experience, Florian brings a unique and innovative approach to crypto trading.

LearnTradeEvolve has a strong passion for empowering traders and is committed to helping others achieve success in their investments. He offers a unique trading service that utilizes genuine fund management signals tailored for long-term investments. By leveraging his extensive expertise, LearnTradeEvolve optimizes DCA trading bots to achieve optimal results for his clients.

Are LearnTradeEvolve's strategies suitable for you?

LearnTradeEvolve provides a reliable and secure long-term investment opportunity for investors. Their trading strategies operate within higher time windows and only trade in bullish markets, ensuring their clients' invested capital is protected. With comprehensive historical backtesting results, investors can choose to trade their recommended index of the 11 most reliable cryptocurrencies. Alternatively, investors can select specific cryptocurrencies they prefer to trade.

LearnTradeEvolve's investment strategies prioritize consistent long-term growth through compounding returns, using a fully automated set-and-forget system that invests in rising crypto markets. With a focus on collecting and reinvesting funds, they offer a disciplined investment plan for those seeking steady growth. If you're willing to commit to a long-term investment strategy and value consistent growth, LearnTradeEvolve is an excellent choice.

Insight into LearnTradeEvolve's strategy

Trading View Chart for long term crypto investment strategies

LearnTradeEvolve's approach to trading goes beyond just analyzing money flow and selecting trustworthy assets. The strategy provider also incorporates potential analysis to evaluate the current market risk across multiple time frames, giving them a more comprehensive understanding of the market. Volume and price movements help to identify divergences in trading. They are able to mitigate risk and only execute trades during favorable market conditions.

Furthermore, LearnTradeEvolve's system is designed to filter the crypto market and only generate signals from rising markets, ensuring that your trades are protected. Their sophisticated risk management system monitors all operations and autonomously prioritizes the best interests of their clients. This level of attention to detail and commitment to risk management is why LearnTradeEvolve's strategies are a great option for those seeking secure and long-term investment opportunities.

Trading tools used by LearnTradeEvolve to execute their strategies

LearnTradeEvolve relies on a TradingView script to effectively execute its trading strategies. This script serves to identify potential entry points and automatically execute trades via Mizar and the Webhook function.

By leveraging this technology, LearnTradeEvolve can swiftly and efficiently make real-time trading decisions in the fast-paced market. The script's seamless execution of trades enables him to stay ahead of market movements and maximize their profits. The use of this tool enhances LearnTradeEvolve's trading strategy, providing a reliable and efficient mechanism for executing trades.

What should you know before copying LearnTradeEvolve's Bots?

If you plan to copy LearnTradeEvolve's bot on Mizar, it's recommended to invest the minimum amount of 14% of your total USDT into each position. Keep in mind that LearnTradeEvolve's copy trading strategies are built to provide full exposure in bullish markets and zero exposure in bearish markets. It's crucial to consider this when copying their bot on Mizar.


LearnTradeEvolve's unique trading service and risk management system provides a secure and reliable long-term investment solution for those seeking success in the cryptocurrency market.

They believe that education is critical to achieving success in cryptocurrency trading. They offer comprehensive support to help their clients reach their investment goals. They prioritize trading education and bot development and want to help traders in becoming independent and successful bot developers or users. 

If you have any inquiries, you can join their community on Discord or Telegram.

Finally, LearnTradeEvolve appreciates that the crypto copy trading platform Mizar makes it easy and safe to invest in the crypto market. Another advantage mentioned was the optimal and fast support provided by Mizar as well as the flexibility in connecting to the platform.

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