Mizar x WOOFi x Orderly Network - The Eldorado for Traders


Dive into the groundbreaking collaboration between WOOFi, Orderly, and Mizar, revolutionizing DEX trading with automation, copy-trading, and farming opportunities.

In a recent Tweet, we've teased about an exciting collaboration between WOOFi, Orderly Network, and ourselves.

Mizar cooking

Well, the anticipation was well-founded! Yesterday marked the launch of our integration of WOOFi into Mizar. Our goal? Revolutionize DEX trading through automation and introduce a fresh approach to copy-trading on a perpetual DEX.

But wait, there's more! If you've been keeping an eye on the DEX and DeFi scene in the last months, you've probably noticed an interesting trend in crypto: points, merits, farming… call it as you wish! They're cropping up everywhere, and you can earn them simply by engaging with newly launched products. Take, for instance, the success of Hyperliquid, which recently wrapped up its farming program. Now, the community eagerly awaits the much-anticipated airdrop.

Similarly, Orderly Network is rolling out an exciting farming program centered around merits. Their roadmap includes the launch of their own token by year's end, and anticipation is high! Before we delve into the details of the Orderly merits program, let's first unpack what Orderly entails and the pivotal role WOOFi plays in its mission to democratize this new protocol.

What is Orderly Network?

Orderly Network stands as a decentralized omnichain order book protocol, offering high-speed trading infrastructure. It empowers teams to seamlessly integrate perpetual futures or spot trading into their products without the need for extensive development work.

Rather than expending time and resources on constructing front ends from scratch, Orderly leverages a plug-and-play UX, granting traders swift access to fresh liquidity sources. To date, Orderly has facilitated over $15 billion in cumulative trading volume across its protocol.

It’s time for Orderly Merits!

In mid-March, the Orderly Network team unveiled “The Road to The Order” program, a gamified campaign where traders accumulate "Merits" and compete for their portion of Orderly Network's forthcoming native token, planned for release later this year.

Although the team has not yet disclosed the exact percentage of the token supply planned for airdropping to traders, they have affirmed that "a significant portion" will be distributed this year based on participants' rankings in the program.

WOOFi Pro: the farmer’s heaven

This is where things get really good for WOOFi Pro traders. 

WOOFi Pro is the first decentralized trading platform to integrate Orderly Network’s EVM-compatible omnichain infrastructure. It boasts omnichain deposits, a CeFi-grade UX, advanced trading tools, and leverage up to 20x. 

Because WOOFi Pro is built on top of Orderly Network’s, it means that by trading on WOOFi Pro you can fully participate in Orderly’s airdrop campaign and earn Merits. The more you trade on WOOFi Pro, the more Merits you earn on Orderly – increasing your chances of receiving a hot Orderly token allocation.

WOOFi Pro X Mizar - the Eldorado for Traders & Farmers

And here we are, diving into the game! If WOOFi x Orderly caught your attention, WOOFi x Mizar takes it up a notch. Why? Well, it's common knowledge that bots have better capabilities, speed, and efficiency if compared to an human being. And they do it automatically around the clock, 24/7. Additionally, copy-trading will make sure that your trading volume is also generating constistent profits, to cover all possible fees and generate a net passive income. 

So, why wouldn't you be excited by this combination of this eldorado-like potential? Copy-trading + automation + farming. That's the formula. Why bother with anything else? 

Still not convinced? By utilizing Mizar, you're also automatically enrolled in the Mizar Farming Program, held monthly. Over 2% of the total value locked is airdropped to Mizar traders based on various indicators, as outlined here.

Join WOOFi now here, and starting trading on Mizar. The Eldorado is right there!