Introducing the MZR Farming Program: Empowering Our Community


Introducing the MZR Farming Program, designed to reward and engage our community members like never before.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our highly-anticipated MZR Farming Program! This initiative marks a monumental development in our journey towards rewarding and empowering our esteemed early adopters, while extending a warm invitation to newcomers to join the Mizar family.

Program Period

The Mizar Farming Program will undergo a three-month test phase, after which it will be extended for the rest of the year. This period of testing will allow us to fine-tune the program and ensure it aligns seamlessly with our community's needs and expectations.

Main Rules

  • Participation: Users with a STAR level above Bright Giant (250,000 MZR staked) are eligible to participate in the Mizar Farming Program.

  • Rewards Distribution Period: Rewards will be distributed at the beginning of each month, providing an exciting opportunity for participants to reap the benefits of their contributions.

  • Rewards Amount: Approximately 1.5% of the total staking amount will be distributed as rewards. Check the Mizar staking smart-contract here.

  • Rewards Categories: The total rewards are split into three main categories:

    1. Staking: 40% of the total rewards.

    2. C-Mizar: 40% of the total rewards.

    3. D-Mizar: 20% of the total rewards.

Rewards Distribution to Traders

Mizar users are rewarded based on their monthly performance and Mizar usage across three categories:

  1. Staking: Users are rewarded based on their pro-rata staked tokens calculated over the month.

  2. C-Mizar: Users are rewarded based on their pro-rata traded volume on C-Mizar during the calendar month.

  3. D-Mizar: Users are rewarded based on their pro-rata traded volume on D-Mizar during the calendar month.

Mega Bonus

Black-holes are entitled to an extra bonus, accounting for 1.0% of their staked amount, while Super Nova members receive a 0.5% bonus. 

January Rewards Distribution

In January, a total of 7,942,289 MZR tokens were distributed within our community, with the highest reward amounting to nearly 1,253,979 MZR tokens!

As of today, over 357,000,000 MZR tokens have been staked, resulting in a total MZR Farming reward for January of 5,356,821 MZR (approximately 1.5%). These rewards have been split across the three main categories as follows:

  1. Staking: 2,142,729 MZR

  2. C-Mizar: 2,142,729 MZR

  3. D-Mizar: 1,071,364 MZR

Moreover, 2,585,468 tokens have been distributed to our Black Hole and Supernova users, equivalent to 1.0% and 0.5% of their staked amount.

We are delighted to inform you that the airdrop has already been seamlessly sent into your staking wallets. Be sure to check your staking dashboard for the latest updates and rewards.

Next Steps

Looking ahead, we are committed to formalizing the Mizar Farming Program into a sleek dashboard, where you can conveniently track your ranking, distributed rewards, and much more.

Thank you for being a vital part of our vibrant community! Get ready to dive into the excitement of next month's rewards!