Mizar's Roadmap Towards DeFi

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We are excited to inform you about Mizar's upcoming plans. Mizar is developing a cutting-edge trading platform that embodies the latest advancements of the fourth industrial revolution. Picture yourself as a member of a community of traders with similar goals, collaborating to enhance your trading abilities and techniques. Our platform enables you to automate your trading strategies and leverage advanced trading features, regardless of whether you are using a centralized or decentralized platform. Moreover, you can share your strategies with the MZR community, the industry's most extensive social trading network.

We have an ambitious vision, and to accomplish it, we have designed a comprehensive roadmap consisting of two distinct phases: the C-Phase and the D-Phase.

About a year ago, Mizar initiated the C-Phase, which involved building the Mizar platform for Centralized Finance (CeFi). The majority of the tasks have been completed, including developing the infrastructure for bot trading, a copy-trading engine, integrating with over 10 Centralized Exchanges, developing the Smart Trading terminal, and integrating TradingView Charting and Indicators. Moreover, Mizar has developed its paper trading system that emulates the behavior of the Binance exchange. This system enables users to simulate their orders without risking actual funds.

The first part of the roadmap has propelled us to over 10,000 users and a trading volume of over a hundred million dollars since launching the beta version in the summer of 2022. However, this is merely the starting point!

During the final stage of the C-Phase, Mizar will focus on developing the social features of the platform, allowing all users to share their bots on the marketplace, enabling others to copy them and generate a passive income. This will include the introduction of ratings and comments for bots, along with profile pages for every trader, displaying essential statistics and information.

Undoubtedly, the Mizar team will continue developing CeFi features to enhance and increase the reliability of its CeFi section. We will make it more customizable, offering advanced capabilities such as integrating copy-trading functionality with smart trading and a marketplace of signals.

The upcoming second phase of Mizar's roadmap will involve the development of all current tools and their integration with DeFi. What is the reason for this plan?

The decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem has been growing at an unprecedented pace, with various platforms offering a wide range of financial products and services to users. One of the critical aspects of DeFi is trading, which enables users to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies and other digital assets in a decentralized manner. As a result, there is a growing need for robust and user-friendly trading tools that can help users make informed decisions and maximize their profits.

Even though DeFi trading is expanding at an astonishing rate, executing trades on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is still a challenging task. It could be extremely challenging to handle simple limit orders, let alone automating or semi-automating orders, using stop losses, integrating trading signals, and other advanced functionalities.

Mizar is a platform that strives to provide pioneering trading tools not only for CeFi but also for DeFi. The platform is created to provide users with access to sophisticated trading capabilities, such as real-time market data, bot trading, smart trading tools, and copy-trading features. Mizar's roadmap for developing trading tools for DeFi includes multiple essential stages:

  1. Community Building: Mizar aims to build a strong community of traders and developers who can contribute to the platform's growth and development. The community will be incentivized to participate in the platform's governance and contribute to the development of new features.

  2. Establish a DeFi ecosystem: Mizar is working alongside several projects in various ecosystems to jointly plan and develop the primary features.

  3. Research and Development: The first step in developing trading tools for DeFi is conducting extensive research on the market and identifying the needs of users. This research will help Mizar to understand the challenges and opportunities in the DeFi space and develop tools that address the needs of traders.

  4. Integrating DEXs that support API connectivity: The subsequent phase in Mizar's roadmap is to incorporate all (or most) DEXs that support API connectivity. This will be the initial shift from CeFi to DeFi.

  5. Develop Mizar DeFi Bots & Smart Trading Protocols: Mizar aims to integrate its trading platform with various DeFi protocols to provide users automation on DEX. This integration will enable users to trade seamlessly across different DEXs and access the best trading opportunities with smart trading tools.

  6. Create Mizar DeFi Copy-Trading Protocols: We will introduce our copy-trading marketplace on DeFi, enabling traders to share their expertise with the MZR community while simultaneously generating a passive income.

  7. Mizar Academy: Mizar recognizes the importance of education in the DeFi space and plans to offer educational resources to users. These resources will include tutorials, webinars, master classes, and other materials to help users understand the platform's features and make informed trading decisions.

$MZR Roadmap

To summarize, having accomplished its CeFi offerings, Mizar is now poised to take its next stride toward DeFi. Our objective is to simplify trading, regardless of whether you prefer to trade on a centralized or decentralized platform. We believe that automation and advanced orders can assist traders in achieving success, and we want to make these features available to everyone. By leveraging the potential of decentralization and automation, our platform guarantees that you retain authority over your assets and orders, while also capitalizing on the collective intelligence of the community.