MZR Monthly - April Edition

Read this article to learn more Mizar's latest development in April

April was an exciting month and we delivered many of the highly anticipated features that our users had been requesting for a while. Our main objective for April was to enhance the user experience and bring more insights to our traders regarding their performance and trading activities.

In April, Mizar experienced a 12% growth in its user base, adding around 1,500 new users. Additionally, despite a downtrend in the market, the number of active bots increased by 10%. This was mainly due to the team's efforts in focusing on customer conversion and analyzing user behavior to improve the user experience.

However, the traded volume was lower compared to the same period last month, totaling $30M due to unfavorable market conditions and stagnant prices. Nevertheless, Mizar has successfully onboarded 5 new official traders with an engaged and active trading community, who have published new bots on the marketplace.

In terms of product development, Mizar's team has been focusing on enhancing the user experience by delivering long-awaited features:

  1. New Console: introduction of a new console that allows users to view their performance and statistics in a fresh and vibrant interface.

  2. Orders Errors Tracker: introduction of error logs that occur on any of the users orders and addition of helpful tips on how to resolve the issue.

  3. Explained connectivity errors: Mizar now provides an explanation for connectivity errors that occur while connecting to an exchange with API keys. If an error occurs, users are promptly notified and given recommendations on how to resolve the issue.

  4. Pause bot: Mizar now allows users to pause their bots, which prevents new positions from being opened while still enabling them to manage existing positions.

Additionally, The Smart Trading Terminal now includes the Futures market, and Coinbase Advanced has also been integrated into Mizar.

Moreover, the MZR token has been incorporated as a payment method, providing users with another option to pay for fees. The feature has been launched together with new promotion, where users receive a 25% gift when purchasing Mizar credits with $MZR. This is a great way to incentivize users to use MZR as a payment method and provides additional value to those who choose to do so.

The infrastructure team is also working towards a goal of reducing infrastructure costs by 70% in less than three months. This is a significant step towards making the platform more efficient and cost-effective for both the company and its users.

Overall, Mizar's team is continuing to make significant progress towards improving the platform and enhancing the user experience. The team has approached this task by focusing on data. The business team has been focusing on conversion analysis and business intelligence, with a goal to accurately monitor the user conversion flow and analyze target customers. As a result of these actions, 15 new campaigns have been recently launched, generating more than $10k in revenue in few days.

The marketing team is also working on a new TradingView community channel, jointly developing an educational series of articles and an open-source library on pine script. This initiative will provide Mizar's users with a new way to learn about bot trading and trading strategies.

The Mizar team is dedicated to furthering the development of the D-Mizar platform, and we have made notable progress since March. Our focus is on expanding our DeFi network and community, and we are enthusiastic about collaborating with top partners in the Arbitrum ecosystem to improve the functionality of D-Mizar and provide significant benefits to our community.


We thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Mizar is excited about the future and the many opportunities that lie ahead. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming months.