MZR Monthly - June Edition

The June edition of Mizar monthly

Stay informed with Mizar Monthly's June edition, featuring updates on business growth, product development, and marketing initiatives. Discover advancements on D-Mizar, and explore new D-Mizar features' such as Mizar Sniper Bot, Token Sniffer, and Vault. Exciting developments await in July!

In June, Mizar user base increased by 9%, approaching the 20,000 total users. The count of active bots has shown a slight rise compared to May-23, with a notable adoption of API bots, partially influenced by our collaboration with, a trading platform that enables the creation of sophisticated trading signals and backtesting. The total traded volume in June exceeded that of May-23, partially attributed to improved market conditions and the increased utilization of API bots.

The Rise of DeFi Bots

In the realm of Telegram, a new wave of on-chain sniper bot platforms has emerged, introducing groundbreaking technologies that help traders to automatically snipe token launches while providing protection against scams and rugpulls. Remarkably, these projects are now generating weekly revenues exceeding $1 million. Mizar sets aims to achieve similar milestones in the near future, fully committed to employing innovative approaches. 

D-Mizar will include the introduction of a new dashboard that will revolutionize the DEX tools market. This dashboard will empower users to verify contract security, explore upcoming token launches, and effortlessly configure their trading bots. To ensure security, these bots will be equipped with advanced anti-scam, anti-rugpull, and anti-bot measures, guaranteeing that traders never miss a trade while trading in a safe environment. Additionally, Mizar will incorporate automatic trading functionalities, such as auto take-profit and stop-loss, allowing traders to automate their transactions on popular decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.

D-Mizar Development

The development team has been diligently working on the following features, which will be released soon:

  • Token Sniffer: Mizar has developed a free and public tool that empowers users to research the security of any ERC-20 tokens. This tool provides traders with access to advanced information, including contract buy and sell taxes, limits on buy and sell amounts, token owner and creator details, and various other parameters. Mizar has created an advanced simulation environment that allows testing of token purchases and sales, even for tokens not yet deployed in any liquidity pool, providing valuable insights to traders.

  • Vault: Mizar developed a robust and safe system known as the Vault, which enables users to create burner wallets through Mizar. These wallets serve as a secure storage solution for a portion of traders assets, allowing them to manage them with Mizar bots.

  • Sniper Bot: Mizar is developing a Sniper Bot, designed to swiftly purchase tokens as soon as a liquidity pool is deployed on Uniswap v2.0 and v3.0. The Sniper Bot is equipped with security tools that prevent users from buying tokens that do not adhere to specific parameters, such as buy and sell taxes, liquidity range, minimum and maximum market cap, and more.

In terms of marketing efforts, the Mizar team has been actively involved in the preparations required to execute the go-to-market strategy for D-Mizar. Several key actions have been undertaken, including a complete overhaul of the white paper to incorporate the details of the D-Mizar product, the development of a comprehensive manual for the Mizar Sniper Bot, and fresh, engaging landing pages have been designed and developed (not yet deployed). The Mizar marketing team has also invested significant effort in establishing connections with KOLs and building a network of influencers for D-Mizar. Furthermore, partnership discussions have been started with DEXTools and other platforms to facilitate the integration of forthcoming tools within the Mizar ecosystem.

C-Mizar: keep building

Simultaneously, Mizar continues to make progress on its existing product offerings. Notably, there has been a notable surge in the adoption of API bots, partially attributed to the fruitful collaboration with the platform Recognizing this trend, the Mizar team has dedicated their efforts to advancing the development of API bots. Mizar has meticulously executed improvements to the API bots in 3 distinct phases, with 2 of the 3 phases already successfully completed. These enhancements have substantially enhanced the reliability of the API bots in the initial phase and introduced planned orders and order error tracking to enhance transparency in the subsequent phase.

Concerning the C-Mizar product, the marketing team has diligently focused on expanding its visibility on YouTube, with the deployment of approximately 10 new videos from influencers. Additionally, efforts have been made to secure listings in new blogs and listicles. Mizar has continued to extend its presence on TradingView by releasing two new informative tutorials and introducing Mizar's TradingView Library. 

Lastly, 6 new official traders joined the Mizar marketplace:

Prepare yourself for an exciting July!

As we say goodbye to the month of June, we take a moment to eagerly anticipate the thrilling developments awaiting us in July. Our main objective is to release the initial version of our Sniper Bots and start the introduction of cutting-edge trading bots for decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Keep following us to know more about our D-Mizar DEX trading tools!