MZR Monthly - May Edition

MZR Monthly update May Edition

Welcome to the May edition of Mizar Monthly, where we bring you the latest updates on business growth, product development, and marketing initiatives at Mizar. May has been an eventful month for us, with significant advancements across various aspects of our platform. Let's dive into the details.

In May, Mizar experienced a remarkable 10% growth in its user base, in spite of challenging market conditions and stagnant prices. Furthermore, we are thrilled to announce that six new official traders joined Mizar, bringing with them an engaged and active trading community. These traders have published new bots on our marketplace, further enriching the options available to our users.

Mizar's product development team has been dedicated to elevating the user experience by delivering highly anticipated features:

  • Enhanced investment flow with improved exchange validation and clearer explanations of maximum and expected investment for DCA Bots.

  • Introduced bi-directional DCA Bots, allowing simultaneous long and short positions for hedging or multi-directional trading.

  • Released a new marketplace sorting feature based on the highest Profit and Loss (PNL) from followers over the last 30 days, facilitating better evaluation and selection of bots.

  • Made Hedge mode available for API bots, enabling simultaneous long and short futures trading without FUTURES contract interaction.

  • Reduced the minimum order investment size from $11 to $2.5, providing more flexibility for smaller trades and better differentiation across bots and pairs.

  • To provide more conservative and easier-to-understand returns, we updated the marketplace performance calculation, now based on the maximum investment. Learn more here.

  • Introduced the "Get Started Challenge" feature, guiding and incentivizing new users to set up their accounts and rewarding them with free Mizar credits upon completion.

May has seen Mizar's marketing efforts flourish especially in the area of business development.

  • Launched the new Nitro Pool on CamelotDEX, offering 10M $MZR tokens with an APR above 60% for the next few months. Check out our tutorial on how to become a Liquidity Provider on CamelotDEX and deposit in the Nitro Pool here.

  • Expanded our presence on TradingView, publishing educational articles and gaining a strong reputation within the TradingView community here.

  • Our CEO Francesco Ciuci has been invited to a great interview with WalletInvestor. You can read it here.

  • Mizar got included in a review by finty about the best Binance trading bots here.

  • Mizar got featured in 2 videos of great YouTubers, one is from FX Mariner, and the other from Johnatan Santamaria.

  • 10+ SEO optimized educational articles were published on the Mizar blog.

Mizar is diligently working on D-Mizar, with the first product set to launch in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for exciting update! The upcoming release of the D-Mizar MVP aims to empower users and elevate their trading experience. Mizar is actively implementing targeted initiatives, engaging with the community, refining the narrative, and forging strategic partnerships, all with the goal of shaping the future of DeFi and revolutionizing crypto asset engagement.

As we bid farewell to the month of May, we reflect on the progress made and eagerly look forward to the exciting developments lined up for June. At Mizar, we remain committed to providing our users with a seamless and rewarding crypto asset management experience. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months!