The Best Platforms Where To Find New Token Launches

A List of the best platforms to use to find new launches. Set up your sniper bot!

Discovering the next game-changing venture is tough, and predicting the future is near impossible. And if someone had that ability, they certainly wouldn't disclose it to you! Nonetheless, there exist skilled researchers, analysts, and advanced platforms capable of identifying promising projects and providing users with an overview.

These usually encompass platforms, Telegram groups, Twitter accounts, and similar entities that enjoy sharing brief descriptions of upcoming projects. They frequently outline their thoughts about these projects, discussing both their strengths and weaknesses. An alternative approach involves being part of a community where traders and investors exchange their ideas on projects upcoming launches. This method helps to discover new projects and it allows investors to consider various perspectives and grasp a less biased idea of a project.

It's rare for these platforms or groups to provide financial advice. Often, they aren't professionals but just individuals sharing their thoughts. That's why doing your own research is crucial when investing. Following this advices and use our Token Sniffer can help protect your money. Stay safe when trading!

In this article, we've gathered useful links to help you find the next promising opportunity for the Mizar Sniper Bot. If your favourite platform or Telegram group is missing, feel free to reach out here. is a protocol that simplifies token creation and presale launches. With an easy-to-use interface, users can design their own tokens and launches without coding. 

When you explore their launchpad section, you'll discover a lineup of tokens currently fundraising, recently completed fundraises, and those with upcoming plans. Pinksale offers an effortless method to assess these projects, providing links to social media and websites. They also frequently authenticate projects and designate them accordingly. Just apply the Ethereum blockchain filter, and you're all set! Once you spot the project of your choice, access the specifics and copy the contract address for sniping.


CoinSniper recently marked its one-year milestone in assisting investors in discovering new cryptocurrency ventures, presales, and ICOs. Having gained recognition on Yahoo Finance, it functions as both a cryptocurrency voting platform and a crypto auditing service. Coinsniper also has a Telegram community of more than 20,000 members where they discuss crypto projects. 

To discover your next project, simply go to their website and explore their platform. When you go to the "New listing" section, you'll see upcoming projects listed there. These projects can undergo audits by the platform and are typically subject to user voting. The higher the boost, the more votes they receive.

ICO Holders

ICO Holders serves as a tracker and analytics platform boasting the most extensive crypto database. They support a section where you can find all the upcoming launches and hot contracts, and an ICO/STO calendar.

ICO Drops

ICO Drops is an autonomous project dedicated to compiling a database of ICOs. These ICOs are neatly divided into three sections: Active ICOs, Upcoming ICOs, and Ended ICOs. Each listing is accompanied by ratings and analyses. Additionally, there's an ICO Calendar available.

Disclaimer: It's important to clarify that the information provided above does not constitute financial advice or a recommendation to invest in tokens discovered through the mentioned platforms. These platforms and websites mentioned in the text are not affiliated with Mizar, and any inaccuracies, misinformation, or consequences resulting from their use are beyond our responsibility.