Exploring the Potential Benefits of Camelot DEX for Mizar: An Introduction

What is Camelot? Camelot is a native DEX on Arbitrum with Customizable Liquidity

This article offers insights into Camelot DEX and its potential benefits for Mizar. It explores the opportunities for collaboration and the advantages that listing on Camelot could provide to Mizar.

Camelot DEX is a decentralized exchange that has been gaining significant attention in the crypto community. The platform's innovative approach to liquidity provision and low fees has attracted both traders and investors, resulting in a surge in its Total Value Locked (TVL) and market capitalization. As of March 21, 2023, Camelot's TVL stands at $99.06 million, while its market cap is $40.37 million. Moreover, the exchange has listed successful projects such as Vela and GMX. 

This article will delve into the reasons behind Camelot's growing popularity and explore how it has positioned itself as a leading player in the DeFi ecosystem. Additionally, the article will explore the potential benefits of a collaboration between Mizar and Camelot, highlighting the opportunities for both entities to leverage each other's strengths and drive growth in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Introducing Camelot DEX

Camelot DEX is a customizable, efficient decentralized exchange built on Arbitrum. It prioritizes deep, sustainable liquidity and composability, providing users with high flexibility and control over their assets. The team aims to support new projects on Arbitrum and provide state-of-the-art functionality that can be leveraged by other protocols.

Camelot offers some interesting features:

  1. Swap: Camelot's dual automated market maker (AMM) system supports both volatile (UniV2) and stable (Curve-like) swaps. Additionally, the DEX introduces dynamic directional fees for its trading pairs, allowing different fees to be set for each pool and different fees depending on the direction of the swap (buying/selling). 

  2. Yield Farms: Camelot introduces a brand new liquidity approach based on non-fungible staked positions that act as an additional layer on top of the usual LP tokens. Users can create staking positions for incentivized liquidity and earn GRAIL and xGRAIL (the governance token).

  3. Nitro Pool: Stakers can deposit their positions tokens into compatible Nitro pools to get additional rewards. This allows projects to have full control over their incentives and flexible options to build the exact type of liquidity they need to thrive.

  4. Genesis Pool: Stakers can deposit their positions tokens into genesis pools for 6 or more months to earn additional xGRAIL tokens.

Why does Camelot fit in the Mizar narrative?

$MZR, the Mizar utility token, was launched on the 9th of March on Arbitrum. In a recent tweet, we shared our excitement about the launch and explained our decision to choose Arbitrum. We're committed to bringing advanced and user-friendly trading tools to the blockchain, and we believe Arbitrum is the best solution currently available. With its blazing-fast speed, rock-solid reliability, and incredibly low fees, Arbitrum offers everything a trader could ask for!

Mizar is excited about Camelot DEX for many reasons:

  1. Camelot is a recently launched project that is completely decentralized and driven by its community, showing amazing performance in a few months.

  2. As an Arbitrum native DEX, Camelot is fully committed to growing alongside the Arbitrum network. We have great confidence that it will become the primary DEX on the Arbitrum network in the near future.

  3. With their innovative liquidity provision model, Camelot is helping projects like ours to incentivize liquidity providers, leading to increased traction and larger liquidity pools, and ultimately, a better trading experience. Their community-driven approach makes it simple for anyone to provide liquidity and earn rewards, resulting in a significant advantage for new and established projects.

  4. The Camelot community is dynamic and dedicated to supporting new projects. By being one of the first to launch on Camelot, we would have the chance to gain excellent visibility and grow alongside this exciting new community.

  5. The Camelot Round Table is an excellent opportunity for projects to thrive within the ecosystem, share knowledge, exchange ideas, and learn from one another.


In conclusion, we believe that the rapid growth and innovative approach of Camelot will make it a leading player in the Arbitrum ecosystem. We’re excited to look for collaboration with Camelot and leverage its strengths to drive growth within the Arbitrum ecosystem. The Camelot Round Table would also be an excellent opportunity for us to thrive within the Arbitrum ecosystem and exchange knowledge with other fantastic projects. As Mizar continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in DeFi trading, we remain committed to delivering exceptional on-chain trading experiences for traders of all levels.