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Meet the Official Trader CIDA SIGNALS

In this article, we'll introduce you to Mizar’s newest strategy provider, CIDA SIGNALS. We'll explore their unique approach, comprehensive range of signals, and the cutting-edge tools they employ to optimize trading outcomes. Whether you're an experienced trader or just starting your crypto journey, understanding how CIDA SIGNALS can improve your trading experience and profit potential.

Introducing Mizar’s Newest Strategy Provider – CIDA SIGNALS

Mizar is excited to introduce CIDA SIGNALS, the latest addition to our marketplace to copy trade crypto from. With a lot of trading experience, CIDA SIGNALS has been an active and successful player in the crypto copy trading market for several years.

They have been providing trading signals on different platforms for more than 18 months. This shows their commitment to giving clients reliable and profitable signals. They work hard to make sure traders and investors can benefit from their successful copy trading strategies on various channels.

Traders can expect access to reliable and valuable trading signals that are backed by a team with a solid background in the crypto industry. 

Trading tools used by CIDA SIGNALS to execute their strategies

CIDA SIGNALS leverages the power of Trading View and AI algorithms as essential trading tools to execute their strategies with precision. Trading View provides them with a robust platform to analyze and interpret market data, enabling in-depth technical analysis and trend identification across various time frames. By utilizing Trading View, CIDA SIGNALS gains valuable insights into the market, helping them make informed trading decisions.

Additionally, CIDA SIGNALS harnesses the capabilities of AI algorithms to enhance their trading strategies. These AI algorithms generate signals based on advanced data analysis, detecting patterns and market anomalies that may be difficult for human traders to identify. This integration of AI technology allows CIDA SIGNALS to generate accurate and reliable signals, increasing the probability of successful trades.

By combining the analytical power of Trading View with the intelligent algorithms of AI, CIDA SIGNALS empowers traders with powerful tools to navigate the dynamic cryptocurrency market. These tools enable them to develop and execute effective trading strategies, ultimately leading to improved trading outcomes for their clients.

Insight into CIDA SIGNALS's strategy

CIDA SIGNALS's use different strategies for different channels. With these varied strategies across their channels, CIDA SIGNALS aims to provide traders with a comprehensive range of options to suit their individual trading goals and risk appetites. Let's dive into the specifics:

  • Rapid USDT Signals: This channel focuses on identifying sudden market movements, particularly volume spikes. The signals generated here are designed for quick trades, aiming to exit rapidly with small take profits. This strategy leverages the opportunities presented by short-term market fluctuations.

  • Premium Channel: In this channel, AI-based programs generate signals. These signals are further validated by analyzing trends in specific coins across multiple time frames. Only selected coins are considered for signaling, as CIDA SIGNALS emphasizes quality over quantity in their recommendations. This strategy aims to provide accurate and reliable signals based on thorough analysis.

  • Pro Channel: This channel operates differently from the others as it is manually controlled. CIDA SIGNALS has direct control over both buying and selling decisions. In this channel, the focus is on utilizing a method that determines either take-profit or stop-loss levels.
    Unlike the other two channels, the Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) method is not employed in the Pro Channel. The Pro Channel offers a distinct approach for traders seeking a more hands-on trading experience.

It's important to note that while the Pro Channel diverges from the DCA bot trading method, the other channels employ DCA trading bots as part of their strategy. This indicates the versatility and adaptability of CIDA SIGNALS in catering to different trading preferences and market conditions.

Are CIDA SIGNALS's strategies suitable for you?

As explained above CIDA SIGNALS provides diverse signal types catering to different types of customers. By doing so they ensure that traders can select the strategy that aligns with their risk tolerance, trading style, and capital investment preferences. Let's take a closer look at each signal type and their target audience:

  • Rapid Signals: These signals are ideal for scalping traders who aim for profit percentages between 1 to 3%. Rapid signals are generated by our AI programs, which detect unusual buying activities in the market. Consequently, the signal count is high, and the buying and selling of signals can occur quickly. It's important to note that patience is required, as market conditions can impact the speed of selling. Rapid signals cover all available coins, and customers have the option to filter coins based on their specific requirements.

  • Premium Channel: Designed for swing traders, premium signals offer profit percentages between 3 to 5%. Our AI trading view algorithm generates these signals, which undergo additional trend analysis across different time frames to enhance success rates. We continuously optimize our settings to ensure a higher success rate, and signals are generated only on coins with high potential. Premium signals are suitable for customers seeking moderate risk with a decreased level of risk compared to rapid signals.

  • Pro Channel: The Pro channel operates on a take profit and stop loss method, with signals being manually controlled. This channel is open to all customers and does not require a specific recommendation. It offers flexibility in terms of capital investment, as even a capital of a hundred dollars can be used for trading due to the take profit and stop loss method. However, the success rate in the Pro channel is market-dependent. Profits can be obtained during favorable market conditions, but there may be periods with no signals at all. Patience is crucial for Pro traders, as signals are not guaranteed to be present at all times.

What should you know before copying CIDA SIGNALS's Bots?

Before copying CIDA SIGNALS' bot, there are important factors to consider regarding base order sizes and capital allocation. By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure proper capital allocation and mitigate risks associated with base order sizes, allowing for more informed and effective copying of CIDA SIGNALS' bot. Let's break it down:

  • Rapid Signals: We recommend a base order size between 1 to 2 percent of your capital. By using a smaller take profit percentage, trades can be exited quickly, allowing you to attend to more trades efficiently. It's crucial to adjust your active orders accordingly based on this recommendation.

  • Premium Channel: For the premium channel, a base order size of 2 to 5 percent of your capital is appropriate. Traders should align their active orders with this range to ensure proper allocation of capital. 

  • Pro Channel: When it comes to the Pro channel, we advise a minimum base order size of 1/4 of your capital. It should not exceed 1/4 of your capital. Alternatively, you can opt for a base order size of 1/10 of your capital. It's important not to use more than 1/4 of your capital for the base order, which means it should not be set at 1/3, 1/2, or 100% of your capital.

Please note that the minimum base order size should be $50. It is not recommended to set a base order size below $50. This strict limit is recommended because if a trade closes at a loss, base orders with sizes lower than $50 are more likely to remain open.

Additionally, certain coins have higher minimum order sizes. Taking all of this into consideration, a minimum capital of $200 is required for a base order size of $50 (as the base order represents 1/4 of the capital).


If you want to learn more about CIDA SIGNALS and their strategies, you can join their community on Discord or Telegram. If you're interested in becoming a copy trader and trying out how copy trading works, you can create a trading account and sign up on Mizar using their referral link.

According to CIDA SIGNALS Mizar is among the best copy trading platforms because of their inclusive approach. Mizar lets traders with different amounts of money follow their preferred signal provider without needing to pay a monthly trading subscription. Furthermore, the fact that the Mizar platform can be used for free is a significant advantage.

Embark on your automated trading journey by engaging in real-time copy trading of cryptocurrencies. Explore the marketplace to discover the best strategies from CIDA SIGNALS and other traders. With just a few clicks, connect your exchange API key and start copy trading on Binance to leverage the expertise and insights provided by CIDA SIGNALS and Mizar.