MZR Farming Program: February Results


In the Mizar Farming Program of February, we've allocated 10.5 million MZR tokens to our community!

We're thrilled to announce the conclusion of February's Mizar Farming. Our beloved traders have been rewarded with nearly 10.5 million MZR tokens this month, marking an incredible milestone!

February Rewards Distribution

In January, a total of 10,479,0284 MZR tokens were distributed within our community, with the highest reward amounting to nearly 1,200,766 MZR tokens!

As of today, over 428,126,212 MZR MZR tokens have been staked, resulting in a total MZR Farming reward for Februart of 6,421,893 MZR (1.5%). These rewards have been split across the three main categories as follows:

  1. Staking: 2,568,757 MZR

  2. C-Mizar: 2,568,757 MZR

  3. D-Mizar: 1,284,379 MZR

Moreover, 2,917,136 tokens have been distributed to our Black Hole and Supernova users, equivalent to 1.0% and 0.5% of their staked amount.

Last but not least, we've distributed 200,000 MZR tokens to our most active community members who helped us in developing new features by offering invaluable feedback on Discord!

We are delighted to inform you that the airdrop has already been seamlessly sent into your staking wallets. Be sure to check your staking dashboard for the latest updates and rewards.