The Smart Way to Use Sniper Bots: Safeguard Crypto Profits with Take Profit and Stop Loss.


Why utilizing a sniper bot without proper Take Profit and (Trailing) Stop Loss settings poses a high risk in onchain crypto trading? Effective risk management is fundamental in any trading strategy, and utilizing take profit and stop loss mechanisms is crucial for long-term success in the crypto market.

The cryptocurrency market operates 24/7, presenting high levels of volatility and swift price changes. Timely and informed decisions are vital in such an environment. However, human intervention at all times is impractical. To counter this, automation plays a pivotal role in ensuring trades are managed efficiently, even during periods of inactivity. Mizar sniper bot is aimed at enhancing traders' trading experiences. Discover what makes Mizar Sniper Bot stand out from other sniper bots by reading this article.

When employing a sniper bot or telegram bot without proper automation for take profit and (trailing) stop loss, you run the risk of delayed reactions to rapidly changing market conditions. Price fluctuations can be drastic, and missing the opportune moment can result in significant financial losses.

Let's delve into the specifics of take profit and stop loss strategies to better understand their importance and how to best utilize them.

Stop Loss

Purpose: Stop loss serves as a pre-set price level at which you opt to sell an asset, effectively limiting potential losses.

When to Use:

  • In a volatile market to safeguard your capital from substantial losses.

  • When you have a specific risk tolerance or exit strategy for a trade.

  • To prevent holding onto a declining asset indefinitely.

In the dynamic crypto market, setting a static stop loss manually is inadequate. Automation ensures that your stop loss adjusts in response to price movements, preserving profits and minimizing losses effectively.

How to use:

You have the ability to integrate an automated stop-loss feature into your DEX sniper bot. This feature will independently sell your tokens once the profit and loss (P&L) reaches a specified loss percentage.

The Mizar Bot will continuously observe your P&L and execute token sales if the current token price drops below the set threshold, in this instance, a -50% P&L.

Trailing Stop Loss


Trailing stop loss is critical in securing gains by adjusting the stop loss level as the price moves favorably, balancing profit-taking and potential growth.

When to Use:

  • When aiming to protect profits without setting a static exit point.

  • In trending markets where continued price movement in your favor is anticipated.

  • To automate profit-taking and ride the trend for as long as possible.

Without automation, you risk missing out on potential profits or allowing gains to turn into losses. It's essential to adjust the trailing stop based on the asset's volatility and your risk tolerance.

How to use:

You have the ability to integrate an automated trailing stop-loss feature into your sniper bot for crypto. This represents an advanced enhancement of the previously mentioned stop-loss strategy. The bot not only continuously monitors the profit and loss (P&L) of your snipe but also dynamically adjusts the stop-loss level based on the all-time high P&L.

Initially, the stop loss is established based on a specified threshold. However, the sniping bot constantly refines this stop loss (for each block) by considering the deviation.

Consider this scenario: You initially set your stop loss level at -50% and your deviation at 50%. Let's say you snipe 10 X coins at an average price of $1. Consequently, your initial stop loss is set at $0.5. As the price surges and reaches $4, as per the Mizar trailing stop loss function, your new stop loss will be recalibrated to $2, which is 50% of $4 (all-time high price). This adjustment effectively elevates your stop loss, ensuring a profit in case of a pullback.

Take Profit


Take profit acts as a pre-set price level at which you opt to sell an asset, securing profits and preventing impulsive, greed-driven decisions.

When to Use:

  • To lock in profits and ensure you capitalize on gains.

  • When you have a specific price target(s) based on your analysis or trading strategy.
    To automate profit-taking and avoid succumbing to the temptation of holding on for too long.

  • To take advantage of sudden price spikes.

Take profit orders can be set at a specific percentage gain, based on your strategy and market conditions. It's advisable to set multiple take profit levels to secure profits at different stages of a price rally and regularly reassess and adjust these levels based on market trends and risk assessment. Leveraging multiple take-profit levels can aid in achieving a breakeven point and mitigating the risk of losses. Consider setting a take-profit point, for instance, at +50%, and sell 50% of your asset. This approach ensures you've already recouped your initial investment, allowing the remaining 50% to be utilized for capitalizing on significant returns as the market trends upward.

How to use:

You can choose to integrate an automated take-profit feature into your token sniping. This feature will independently sell your tokens when the price reaches a predetermined profit percentage (P&L). Moreover, you have the flexibility to set multiple take-profit levels, enabling you to sell portions of your tokens at different price milestones.

When setting up your sniper bot, you'll be asked to input a threshold and weight. The threshold refers to the price deviation concerning your snipe's entry price. A +100% indicates that you will sell your tokens at a price twice as high as the snipe entry price. The weight denotes the proportion of tokens you intend to sell at the specified threshold. For example, if you sniped 100 XX tokens and set the weight at 50%, you will sell 50 XX tokens once the defined threshold is met.

In summary, utilizing a snipe bot without automated take profit and stop loss mechanisms significantly compromises your risk management, potentially leading to substantial financial losses. It is paramount to exercise caution and opt for bots that prioritize these critical features.

Always prioritize responsible and informed trading practices to navigate the crypto market's volatility and protect your investments effectively.

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